February 2, 2014

Publican Javed Jabbar (Class of 1961) with Raju Jamil (Class of 1967) on Vibe-Media


Publican Zulqarnain Jamil Aali (Class of 1967) popularly know as Raju Jamil, hosts a weekly program on Vibe-Media called "Weekend With Raju Jamil". On February 2, 2014 Publican Javed Jabbar (Class of 1961) was the guest on the program.


Given below are some photographs and the comments of Raju Jamil.

Thank you. Javed Jabbar Sahab, former Senator, Federal Minister, Film maker, author of 11 books, a huge name in Mass And Social Media..the maker of first ever feature film of Pakistan in English (and Urdu language) in 1976 "Beyond The Last Mountain" and my Cantonment Public School, Karachi senior...of late 50's....for being my guest in my live weekend show WWRJ today Sunday 2nd of Feb-2014 from 1 through 2 PM. Your presence and gracing my show was indeed a huge honor to me, the VIBE-M and to the Pakshowbiz and Mass Media. Our phone system got clogged when numerous calls were held on hold from entire Pakistan...your fans and followers trying to contact and speak about you and talk to you for the huge personality you are. Thank you to our former High Commissioner in India Shahid Malik Sahab and the famous journalist and blogger Humayun Gauhar for taking the calls and speaking about you and your personality.

Your words of wisdom--your thoughts of film and drama industry--your views on Pakshowbiz and your surmise on the future Pak film industry looks forward to---were indeed a jewel in the crown of the talkshows of such kind the viewers yearn to see and exchange their thoughts.


My sincerest gratitude once again...that today's show WWRJ was indeed one of the most unique one which will be remembered by many for a very long time. With regards and respects to you, your wonderful wife my Shabnam bhabi (Shabnam Jabbar) Saheba and your daughter Mehreen Jabbar one of the known and most successful film maker and director of private productions drama.


Raju Jamil,
VIBE-M, Karachi.