December 21, 2013

4th PAT Annual General Meeting - Minutes of the Meeting


Dear Publicans Alumni Trust (PAT) Members,


Publican Alumni Trust Annual General Meeting for the year ended June 30, 2013, was held on Saturday, December 21, 2013 at Services Mess, Karachi.


PAT Board Members Present:


Shahid Karimullah

Shamim Riaz

Waseem Ghani

Sabiha Pervaiz

Nudrat Ara Alvi

Hassan Madani

Chaudhry Arshad Iqbal

Azhar Hussain

Khalid Zaki

Tariq Bin Usman Siddiqui

Hussain Jamil,


PAT founder Chairman:


Javed Jabbar


PAT Members:


Ashraf Kapadia

Syed Ayaz Mehmood

M. Javaid Faruqui

S.M. Babar

Nighat Mir

PAT accountant:


Shahid Kaleem.

Absent with Notification:


Hamid Jaleel Zubairi

Shirley Valika

Khawaja Fariduddin

Tariq Wajid

Syed Raza Ali Gardezi


Minutes of the Meeting


1. The AGM that was scheduled to commence at 4pm had to be delayed by 1 Hour due to lack of required quorum, and it was therefore decided to serve refreshment & tea. All participants were requested to return to the meeting after tea break.


2. Meeting started at 5pm with the recitation of Quran by PAT member Javaid Farooqui. Before the Chairman’s address one minute silence was observed in the memory of our beloved Lady Proctor Catherine Val D'Eremao who passed away in the month of April 2013.


The minutes of last AGM held on 14th, December 2012 were proposed by Hussain Jamil and seconded by Hassan Madani. Minutes were recorded as approved.

3. The Secretary PAT Khalid Zaki requested Chairman PAT Shahid Karimullah for the welcome address. In his welcome address chairman thanked Founder Chairman, all Board & Advisory Committee members and PAT members for taking out time to attend the AGM as well as attending all Board meetings, which shows their dedication and focus to PAT aim. Chairman especially thanked Ashraf Kapadia for placing the PAT messages & notices on "Old Publicans" website from time to time. Chairman highlighted that PAT board is now focusing to establish a new school project. He explained that he approached (Jahangir Siddiqui) c/o JS foundation and also contacted Clifton Cantonment Board for suitable land to construct the school but did not get any positive response. He explained that Tariq Wajid was out of country due to his official responsibilities, and hence could not present the details of project for a new school in less privileged area. He shared that recently we have received an option to purchase School building (which is just a proposal) in korangi area. Chairman & Khalid Zaki will visit the school building in next week or two, and present their finding in next PAT board meeting. Meantime the Board in their last meeting has decided to continue working on school project on a short term basis i. e in less privileged area and on long term basis on a larger project.


4. Secretary briefed the activities and highlighted the main events during the last year 2013, which included a very successful Re-union 2013, 5 board meetings during the year 2013, Miss Val condolence meeting, lunch in the honour of newly elected honorable MNA and Publican Dr. Arif Alvi. He also shared that in the main event of PAT Re-Union 2013 a surplus of Rs.175,000/- was saved which was deposited into PAT account. He also advised that during the year PAT paid scholarship worth Rs.360,000/- to 60 boys students at Rs. 6000/- per head. This was made possible due to personal efforts of Sabiha Pervaiz.


5. The Secretary then requested Hassan Madani to present the PAT audited accounts 2013. Hassan Madani presented the audited account and explained/highlighted important points of accounts in the absence of PAT Treasurer Hamid J. Zubairi who has been transferred to Lahore. After some discussion, Hussain Jamil proposed that the annual accounts along with the audit report as presented be approved and the same was seconded by Sabiha Pervaiz. The audit report was approved unanimously by the members present.


6. The founding chairman of PAT, Javed Jabbar complimented the Chairman, Shahid Karimullah for his consistent personal efforts and all Board Members for their sincere and sustained work for PAT. He also felicitated Members of PAT for regular participation in meetings and activities.


He suggested that the PAT Board may kindly consider conducting its work simultaneously on two tracks: by defining a vision to virtually re-build the original Cantonment Public School but on a smaller scale, say, of 3 or 5 acres, with an estimated budget of about Rs.15 crores, to be completed over a 3-to-4-year period. He said that, given the large resources that Publicans in Pakistan and overseas could mobilize, these would be achievable targets for a high quality School....with even a re-built Dome ! Referring to his recent experience as Chairman of the new SOS Jamshoro Children's Village built at a cost of about Rs.14.5 crores mobilized from donations. He said similar sums could be raised for PAT if all made efforts. Also citing the example of the SOS School in Karachi whose Committee is now led by Publican Hassan Madani next to the SOS Karachi Children's Village, he said that, without asking for, or expecting a major donation, a lady in Karachi recently donated Rs.35 million for the School, such was the generosity of citizens for education. Side by side, in view of the fact that there is now a new Chief of Army Staff, and likely postings of new officials at the Directorate of F. G. Schools in Rawalpindi and in Karachi, keeping in mind that the approach of a single officer can make a big difference, PAT could revive efforts to make the F.G Directorate appreciate the potential value of close, continued co-operation with PAT for the benefit of the successor Schools. He wished PAT colleagues all success in the future.


7. Secretary then invited Vice Chairperson Sabiha Pervaiz for closing remarks She explained as to how she approach the boys school for payment of scholarship and appreciated the efforts of Boys school Principal who was very cooperative and with her efforts the distribution of scholarship amongst deserving boys was made possible. She also shared the non co-operative behaviour of Girls school staff because of

which scholarship to girls school students could not be under taken. The balance Scholarship funds are still in PAT account awaiting approval of Bank Al Falah to be shifted into PAT accounts.


8. The AGM came to end with a vote of thanks to all by Secretary PAT who then invited all for refreshment.


Khalid Zaki

Secretary PAT

Mob: 0332-2221949