February 23, 2014

Class of 1964 has a Reunion


Publican Masood Alam (Class of 1964) hosted a reunion of the Class of 1964 at his home on February 23, 2014.


Commenting on the reunion, Masood Alam said "I am extremely grateful to you all for honoring me by accepting my invitation for a get together of our class 10-B, I specially thank Suriya for making it even when she was not feeling well. You all have made the occasion a memorable one. I am sure that you all must have enjoyed by recollecting old memories and specially those who met after 50 years. The occasion also marked the completion of 50 years after we left our dear 10th B. We thank Allah for keeping us healthy and happy, and pray for the same for the years to come. Hassan Madani did a good job by taking snaps of the occasion so that we all may remember this good occasion."


Sohail Hameed Khan said "Thank you very much for these 'captured memorable moments'. It was indeed a great opportunity for all of us to get together and relive the past. Wallahi, the wonderful days of school will always be fresh in our minds, these reunions will bring us together - I can speak for myself, it makes me proud to see friends of 50+ years. Thank you and Bhabi for the efforts you both made in bringing us all together, the delicious lunch was an icing on the cake!".


Jamila (Salahuddin) Rahman commented "Beautiful gathering of old friends, it was nice to see so many friends together. Unfortunately Hilal and I live abroad and could not join the class of 1964 celebration".


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