February 6, 2010

Cancellation of 2009 Annual Reunion


At the 16th meeting of the PAT Board of Trustees and the Advisory Council held at the residence of Trustee Shirley Hyder Valika on Saturday 6th February 2010 from 11 am to about 1.30 pm to consider, amongst other subjects, the tragic bloodshed in Karachi on 5th February and its implications for our plans to hold the Annual Reunion Event on 14th February 2010, after a comprehensive discussion on all aspects, it was regretfully decided to cancel repeat cancel, and not merely postpone the event out of deference to the loss of so many innocent lives in Karachi so close to the premises of the Schools, i.e. the JPMC Hospital, and so close to all our hearts, regardless of where fellow human beings and Publicans live and work in the world today. Other organizations are also taking similar actions, for example Geo has also taken a decision to cancel an event that they were planning.


This was a decision taken only after long discussion and debate and taken most reluctantly after the participants were almost evenly divided in their respective views. At the same time, all present, i.e. virtually 95 per cent of the members of both forums, vigorously reaffirmed their determination not to be intimidated by the barbaric and anti-Pakistani intentions of those who are committing these horrendous acts of murder and mayhem.


We reasserted our determination to sustain and strengthen the work of PAT in 2010 to promote excellence in education. Details will follow.


Like a sign of blessing from Heaven, just as we were noting that the cost of our education support programme for 2010 was facing a deficit of about Rs. 160,000/-, Trustee Hussain Jameel introduced Publican Tariq Irshad, Class of 1966, who, in the fond memory of his late brother and fellow Publican Khalid Irshad, presented a cheque for Rs. 200,000/- to support PAT's education plans for 2010. Subsequent to the meeting, we have been informed that Publican Inam Ghazali, Class of 1973, has given a cheque of Rs. 100,000 towards the Endowment Fund of PAT.


We offer many thanks to Publican Tariq Irshad and Publican Inam Ghazali for their gracious and timely support.


The meeting also welcomed Publican Waseem Ghani as a member of the Advisory Council chaired by Publican Shahid Karimullah.


Details of the 2010 plan of activities and the report for 2009 will follow.


We will not be diverted from our basic aim and work: to promote excellence in education. PAT takes humble pride in conducting unprecedented work in 2009 which will be continued in the future with the support of all Publicans and about which further information will follow shortly.


The inconvenience caused to all those planning to be in Karachi especially for 14th February is unavoidable due to the unpredictable situation in Karachi and is regretted.


Thank you for your attention.


Do try to participate in the PAT events for education during 2010 and give your valuable support.


With best wishes and hopes and prayers for a more peaceful Pakistan,


Javed Jabbar