January 30, 2010
Report on PAT's summation workshop: Teachers' Capacity-building



On Saturday, 30th January 2010 from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., PAT organized the summation workshop of the Teachers' Capacity-building process at F.G. Minwalla Girls' Public School, Karachi.

This was the third and final stage of the process launched as the first activity of PAT in April 2009 with a 10-day capacity-building workshop for 20 teachers, 10 each from the boys' school and from the girls' school. The second stage was monitoring and assessment during October-November 2009 of how the workshop elements were being actually applied by the teachers in class-rooms.

The third stage on 30 January 2010, enabled observations by TRC and all participants to be shared, and recommendations for enhanced teaching capacity discussed and agreed upon.

All 3 stages of the process were conducted most competently for PAT by Mrs. Rubina Naqvi of the Teachers' Resource Centre (TRC), Karachi.

At the workshop on 30th January, 13 teachers, 2 Principals and 2 Vice Principals participated. 4 teachers have earlier been transferred to other cities in Sindh. 3 were unable to attend due to health and family problems.

Those who did participate found the total process to be of enormous value and remained fully engaged in all aspects of learning and experience-sharing. They expressed their enthusiastic appreciation and thanks to PAT for arranging this process.

PAT and Publicans were represented by Sabiha Pervaiz, Saeed Khalid, Nudrat Alvi and the undersigned at the commencement of the workshop, and were joined at the conclusion by Zaffar Ahmed Khan, Khalid Zaki, Zohair Ashir and Waseem Ghani.

PAT arranged for refreshments, lunch and ground transportation for teachers.

On behalf of PAT, the undersigned praised the dedication and competence with which Mrs. Naqvi had conducted the whole process, and thanked School Principals and teachers for their active participation.

It was stressed that, during 2010, PAT plans to conduct two similar teachers' capacity-building workshops to further develop this most vital element in ensuring qualitative education for students.

As you are aware, the complete text of the report to PAT by TRC has already been circulated on 20 January 2010, through the valued co-operation of the Administrator of the Publicans' website.

Do continue to give your much-needed funding support for teachers' capacity-building, and for other PAT initiatives to promote education.

Thank you for your attention.

With best wishes,

Javed Jabbar