September 26, 2008

Publicans Alumni Trust (PAT) - Decisions


The following email was received from Javed Jabbar of the Class of 1961.


Dear fellow Publicans,

Salaams & greetings.


The minutes of the meeting (10th planning meeting) held on Friday, 26th September 2008 from 12 noon to about 1:30 p.m. will be circulated separately.

As I am proceeding overseas on visits that will keep me away from Karachi till about 27th October, it was suggested at the meeting that I share the following decisions about the formation of the Publicans Alumni Trust (PAT).

1. Based on a useful draft Trust deed prepared by fellow Publican Advocate Arshad Iqbal, the following elements were agreed upon by consensus for implementation soonest.

2. There will be the following criteria for membership of the Trust:

a) Initially, subject to revision later, any person who was a Publican between 1958 and 1976 is, in principle, eligible.

b) Subscription of a one-time membership fee of Rs.5000/- per person.

c) Formal approval of membership by the founding trustees.

d) Founding trustees to be those persons who have regularly attended all or most of the 10 planning meetings held to date, commencing 7th June 2008.

e) To enable Publicans non-resident in Karachi, and Publicans overseas to be part of the process if they wish to be, the founding trustees will make appropriate provisions for their possible membership and/or association with PAT or a similar trust/forum based overseas.

f) When members elect/designate a Board of Trustees, as per further criteria, a relatively unusual concept of collective leadership will apply particularly at the level of the chairperson. For the record: at the suggestion of the undersigned, and with the concurrence of others present, it was agreed that instead of a single chairman, there will be several co-chairs either all or most, in the initial instance, from the class of 1961 by virtue of being the senior-most class, and possibly including others, without making the number unweildy.

g) Rules for the operations of the Trust e.g. details of joint operation of a bank account by two or more persons etc. shall also be framed by Publican Advocate Arshad Iqbal.

The next two meetings on this subject to consider the final version of the Trust deed and related matters will be held on Saturday, 11th October at 12 noon and on Saturday, 1st November 2008 at 12 noon, both meetings at the School premises, Karachi.

Minutes of the meetings of the Programme committee (on 26th September) and the Project committee (on 27th September when held) will follow separately shortly.

Thank you for your attention.

With best wishes,

Javed Jabbar