September 20, 2008

Ninth Planning Meeting for Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Public School



Javed Jabbar, Zaffar A. Khan, Khawaja Farididdin, Tanveer Ahmed, Shirley (Hyder) Valika, Noor Ahmed, Nighat Mir, Khalid Zaki, Arshad Iqbal, Amir Ahmed Sethi, Akbar Adil, Zohair Ashir, Tariq Wajid, Shamim Riaz, M. Saeed Khalid, Atiq Rehman (other/s who came late and/ or did not signed on attendance form)

1) Minutes of last meeting was approved with apologies on some errors in name and spelling,

2) Dua was offered for departed soul of Anwer Yasin (Batch of 1969)

3) The last minutes (6th September meeting) were discussed.

4) A reminder is to be put on web for all those who attended the 16th August Celebrations and did not pay.
(to be done by Web Administrator)

5) The change of dates for the Golden Jubilee Celebration was discussed and it was decided that the date of 8th December 08 will remain, however the committee will consider on having a get together in December'08 for the Overseas Publicans visiting Pakistan.
(To be finalized by Program Committee)

6) An updated list of Class Leaders to be prepared who will be collecting the funds from their class for projects.

7) The issue of converting this informal to a formal Association/Trust/Society/ Foundation was discussed in length. Arshad Iqbal (Attorney At Law) a Publican (class of 1966) was especially present to give his views.


All the different forms were discussed, Arshad Iqbal was of the view that the best way to go is to form a Trust as all other formations are very cumbersome plus the involvement of different government agencies are a lot, which may make it very difficult to operate smoothly. Lot of questions were put by almost all those present at the meeting, this was deliberated for over an hour and all sorts of apprehensions and questions were put to Arshad Iqbal, to which he replied with all the patience, in the end it was decided unanimously that a TRUST will be formed to handle the funds collected and this may be for longer period if Publicans agree and keep funding the trust.

- Min Gov Agencies involved
- No limit on number of trustees
- Any Publican can be member
- Board of Trustees can be changed (put in Bye Laws)
- Most Flexible
- Easiest to manage

It was also suggested that there could be a fee for Publicans to become Trust member, so that more funds can be collected.

Formations of trust needs to be started immediately as it takes 6-8 weeks to form.

(Arshad Iqbal to provide copies of Bye laws of trust, this may be looked into as reference and can be changed as per the requirement of TRUST)

Javed Jabbar proposed the name of the trust as "PUBLICANS ALUMNI TRUST (PAT)" which was accepted immediately.

It was also decided that this will be put on web (on 20th September) and suggestions and options will be invited from the PUBLICANS. The time will be one week, after that another General Meeting will be held and it will be finalized in that meeting.
(To be done by Javed Jabbar thru Ashraf Kapadia).

The meeting then discussed different committees:

Project Committee
Zaffar A. Khan informed the latest on the progress
- The names of Shirley Valika and Nghat Mir was added to the committee
- Project to be evaluated for the expected fund collection of Rs. 5 million.
- The projects can be more than one with different fund requirements

Fund Raising Committee
- Rupees 300,000 - 500,000 to be collected from Each Class
- Class Leaders and its team will be responsible to collect the fund.
- Class leaders can add more class fellows in their team
- Class leaders in particular and Publicans in general will be apprised of the project and fund management, to facilitate collection of fund.
- The Publicans can also commit donations with payments in multiple installments.
- To put a detail proposal on web for review of fellow Publicans
- It was also proposed to give recognition to most contributor individually, Class Leader and its team,
- Class Leaders to be identified and finalized
(Saeed Khalid to contact all Class Leaders and call them for the meeting)

Finally Javed Jabbar thanked Arshad Iqbal for his contribution and thanked him for taking such a big responsibility.

Following meeting dates were decided:

- General Meeting to be held on September 26th 08 at 12 noon at F.G. Public School.

- Program Committee to be held on September 26th 08 at 11 am at F.G. Public School.

- Project Committee to be held on September 27th 08 at 11 am at F.G. Public School.

- Fund Raising Committee to be held on September 27th 08 at 12 noon at F.G. Public School.