October 15, 2008

Souvenir - Golden Jubilee Celebrations


The following emails was received from Khawaja Fariduddin of the Class of 1961.

Dear Publicans,

One good news. Mr. Zohair Ashir (Class of 68) has committed Rs. 30,000/- towards advertisement in the Souvenir during the Programme Committee meeting of 11th October. I regret not mentioning this very important contribution in my e. mail of 15th Oct. 2008.

Zohair Ashir is also actively participating in the Project Committee which is headed by Zafar Ahmed Khan (Class of 61). Zohair is a very good example of serious commitment.

It was agreed during the meeting of Programme Committee of 11th Oct. that Saeed Khalid and Ateeq who are looking after the Souvenir will promptly issue a letter on behalf of Publicans Alumni Trust seeking advertisements for the Souvenir. Today is the 16th of Oct. and there is no news from Saeed Khalid and Ateeq.

8th of December is round the corner and therefore we all need to work very fast and one hopes more and more Publicans will come forward very soon with time, money and ideas to make the Golden Jubilee celebrations and publication of the Souvenir a great success.

(Khawaja Fariduddin - 1958 - 1961)  

Dear Publicans,

As part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations a souvenir is being published. Publicans who are interested are requested to contribute articles about the school, the Principal, the staff, may be any particular staff member or any interesting event experienced during their stay in the school, if possible, with photographs. These articles be addressed to the :


These articles must reach latest by 30th of Oct. 2008.

Apart from articles and photographs the success of a souvenir depends on advertisements. You are requested to secure as many advertisements as you can for the souvenir. The rates are :

    Full page ............. Rs. 15,000.00
    Half page ............. Rs. 10,000.00

Personal and collective messages of greetings from the Publicans will also be welcome and will be published at the same rate i.e. Full page Rs. 15,000 and Half page Rs. 10,000.

The advertisements alongwith payments should reach latest by 7th of Nov. 2008. The cheques are to be made in favour of :

    Publicans Alumni Trust (PAT)
    C/o Khawaja Fariduddin
    Room No: 80
    Second Floor
    Chamber of Commerce Building

    Phone    +92-21-242.4925
    Cell        +92-300-825.9999

To lead I am committing from my side a half page advertisement (Rs. 10,000). The cheque of Rs. 10,000/- will be delivered on Saturday the 25th of Oct. 2008 at the Committee meeting.

It may please be noted that the Programme Committee Meeting has been rescheduled from 18th October to 25th October, 2008, at 11:00 am - Venue School Premises.  Request maximum participation.

Prompt and urgent response is extremely essential.

Thanks and regards,

(Khawaja Fariduddin - 1958 - 1961)