December 16, 2011

Publican Alumni Trust holds 3rd Annual General Meeting


The Publican Alumni Trust held its 3rd Annual General Meeting for the year ended June 30, 2011 at the Services Club Karachi. A report by Khalid Zaki, Secretary, PAT is given below the thumbnails.


Photographs of the Annual General Meeting can be viewed by clicking the thumbnails below. These photographs are courtesy of the Publican Alumni Trust.



Report by Khalid Zaki, Secretary, PAT


PAT Board Members

Present: Admiral (Retd) Shahid Karimullah, Javed Jabbar, Zaffar A. Khan, Khawaja Fariduddin, Saeed Khalid, Tahir Sadiq, Shamim Riaz, Waseem Ghani, Sabiha Pervaiz, Nudrat Ara Alvi, Hussain Jamil, Masroor Afridi, Hassan Madni, Chaudhry Arshad Iqbal, Nighat Mir, Admiral (Retd) Azhar Hussain, Khalid Zaki, Lubna Farooq Malik. Shahid Kaleem.


Absent with Notification: Atiqur Rehman, Tariq Bin Usman & Shirley Vallika.


PAT Members

Shahood Alam, Qaid Johar Haider, Tariq Yasin, Hamid Jaleel Zubairi, Nasir Jahangir Rifat,


New Prospects:

Humayun Qureshi, Hamid Jamal Zubairi, Hamid Jameel Zubairi, Reyaz S. K. Malik.


Minutes of the Meeting


1. The AGM started on time at 6.00 PM.


2. The Secretary requested Adm (R) Azhar Hussain to recite Tilawat-e-Quran.


3. The PAT Chairman Admiral (R) Shahid Karimullah in his welcome address thanked the Founder Chairman Mr. Javed Jabbar and the PAT board, Advisory council & members, for taking out the time to attend theAGM. Chairman thanks all the board members for their devotion and time given to PAT affair., he also highlighted on the the major activities of PAT in FY 2011. Chairman shared with the meeting participants about some FG school official who were creating hurdles for PAT in their scholarship & educational activities. While efforts are continuing to execute an MOU with FG directorate in GHQ, a committee has been formed by the board to look into alternate options/avenues where PAT's basic aim of promoting education can be better utilized. The no co-operation situation became more critical in last couple of weeks when School officials refused PAT accountant to enter into the school when he visited the school for the coordination of scholarship distribution. However the Chairman was still hopeful to try and resolve these issues when he and Mr Javed Jabbar would likely meet the Corp. Cdr in near future.All members will be kept informed of the progress in this respect.


The Chairman appreciated the efforts of Mr Khawaja Fariduddin in raising funds from Bank AlFalah and other sources. Due to his efforts 3rd year scholarship from Bank Alfalah will be distributed to deserving students.Towards the end of his remarks he thanked all those members overseas as well as within Pakistan who were generous enough to continue their contributions and grants to PAT.


4. Secretary of PAT, Khalid Zaki, presented a detailed report on student scholarship & other activities carried out during the past year. He was thankful to the head of all sub committees formed by PAT board for their dedication. He specially mentioned Ms, Sabiha Pervaiz for her continued devotion and hard work as Head of the education subcommittee. He provided a sheet outlining all sub committee's activities of PAT for the year 2010-2011.


Khawaja Fariduddin was also requested to share his views on future plans for raising of funds to enable continuation of PAT's goals and objective . He also explained the difficulties being faced by him and PAT in organizing English improvement course for the teaches of boys and girls schools, a project which he volunteered to fund himself.


5. Mr. Tahir Sadiq, Treasurer, PAT presented the audited accounts of PAT for the year 2010-11 and highlighted the major expenses incurred for scholarship and other educational activities. The accounts were audited by Hyder Bhimji and Co., Chartered Accountants approved by PAT board as Auditors.


6. Founding Chairman Mr. Javed Jabbar was requested to share his views regarding PAT. He thanked the Chairman and board members for successfully completing the of 3rd year of promoting PAT educational activities. He also appreciated the efforts made for promotion of PAT vision. He also highlighted his views and shared some exclusive facts & findings on the Pakistan history, especially the separation of East Pakistan. He also suggested some valuable book written on this subject.


7. This was followed by a Q & A session. During this session some useful suggestions and comments were made by the participants. Among some of the key suggestions, one of them was further enhancement of PAT membership.


8. Chairman thanked everyone present for attending the AGM and formally closed the session of the AGM and invited those present for tea.


Khalid Zaki

Secretary PAT.