April 26, 2011

Distribution of Scholarships and 6th Distinguished Publican Lecture Series held


Dear Colleagues,


Following is the report of Scholarship and DPLS held on 26th April 2011.


Scholar ships were distributed to both boys of F.G Boys School and Girls of Minwalla School on 26thApril 2011 at 10:30 am in the Minwalla School auditorium.


Before the start of programme all the students were served with refreshments.


The event started at 10:30 am with the recitation from the Holy Quran.


Secretary PAT Mr. Khalid Zaki spoke on this topic. The Chairman PAT Adm (rtd) Shahid Karimullah, Founding Chairman PAT Mr. Javed Jabbar and and all PAT trustees were invited by Convenor Education PAT Mrs. Sabiha Parvaiz one by one on the stage to distribute Scholarships to the students


There were nearly 300 students, parents, teachers, PAT members and Members Advisory Committee.


Scholarships are given to deserving students on the basis of merit, extracurricular activities or financial needs


There are 120 scholarships of which 60 are of Girls school and 60 of Boys school.


The Event ended with group photo of all the trustees with students of the Boys and Girls school who were given scholarships




Adm Shahid Karimullah made a brief account about the 1971 war for which the students had put forward the request many a times. He laid stress on humility, obedience and discipline which brought a rapid rise in his career in the Pakistan Navy. He reached the climax of his career by becoming the chief of the Naval Staff. Prior to the 1971 war, he spoke on the decision to join the PakNavy and step by step transformation from a junior officer to the rank of chief of Naval Staff. During the war he recalled his act of heroism and how he dodged his enemy and led his officers to safety he also laid stress on motivation of officers during war. The students enjoyed the first hand information about the war in the then East Pakistan which was full of thrill and excitement. May God Bless Pakistan with brave soldiers like Adm (rtd) Shahid Karimullahwho fought like a defiant hero and was felicitated with medals for bravery. After retirement from the navy he was posted to Saudia Arabia as Pakistan's ambassador for three years.


Best Regards,


Sabiha Parvaiz Convenor Education PAT