November 5, 2010

Completion of Teacher Training Workshop


The Publican Alumni Trust had arranged a Teacher Training Workshop for the teachers of the F.G. Boys Public School and the F.G. Minwala Girls Public School. A report by Sabiha Parvaiz, Convener, Education Programme Committee on the completion of the workshop is given below.


Report by Sabiha Parvaiz, Convener, Education Programme Committee


All Trustees of PAT and dear fellow Publicans.


Asalam o Alaikum


On Friday 5th November 2010, from 11:30am to 12:30pm an event on completion of training to the teachers of both the schools took place in Minwalla Girls School.


1. The trainer Mrs.Rubina Naqvi facilitated by TRC (Teachers Resource Centre) is an expert in conducting the training to teachers.


2.The event started at 11:30am with the recitation from the Holy Quran by one of the teachers.


3. Welcome address and introduction was given by Sabiha Parvaiz. Chairman PAT Admiral (Retd.) Shahid Karimullah, and Trustees - Sabiha Parvaiz and Saeed Khalid were present.


4.Chairman PAT distributed certificates to the teachers assisted by Mrs. Rubina Naqvi and Sabiha Parvaiz. He also spoke to them and appreciated their talents. Certificates were distributed to nine teachers of both the schools.


Their names are as follows:


Teachers from F.G. Minwala Girls Public School


   1. Durdana Parveen

   2. Ayesha Shaheen

   3. Shabana

   4. Shamshad Abid

   5. Asia Yasmeen


Teachers from F.G. Boys Public School


   1. Tehmina Siddiqi

   2. Ambreen Niaz

   3. Rubina Mufeed

   4. Huma Akhtar Rizvi


5. Rubina Naqvi was of the view that the teachers who attended the workshop by TRC turned out to be very good teachers. It is good news that we have started getting good results.


6. The duration of the workshop was for 16 hours from 2nd to 10th August 2010.The training was reduced to 4 days instead of 5 days. The period was shortened by one day and prolonged by increasing the number of hours.


7. The number of teachers before completion of Teachers Capacity Building Workshop was decreased from 16 to 9 because of rainy season and deteriorating conditions of Karachi.


8. Vote of thanks by Sabiha Parvaiz. She thanked all and appreciated the efforts of the Chairman, Rubina Naqvi of TRC, Trustees PAT, The Principal of girls' school Mrs. Uzma Batool, And teachers of both schools.


The Teachers Capacity Building Workshop by TRC for the two main successor schools along with the Classroom Support Programme was completed through the courtesy of PAT.


Best Wishes,

Sabiha Parvaiz.

Convenor Education Programme Committee --- PAT.