July 9, 2010

Support for PAT from Vancouver, Calgary ... and soon, from DC, NJ and elsewhere ? !


Dear fellow Publicans,


Salaams and greetings.


A journey to North America in mid-2010 originally meant to present perspectives on Pakistan at think-tanks and campuses and to meet our daughter in New York has also become a journey with, and for Publicans. So enduring is the bond.


1. Some months ago, on learning about a planned visit by the under-signed to Vancouver, Canada to attend a conference of the Simon Fraser University facilitated by the Consul General of Pakistan in that city, Mr. Moin ul Haque, Publican Asif Hussain, Class of 1963 took the initiative of organizing meetings with Pakistani Canadians in both Vancouver and Calgary to mobilize moral, and if feasible, funding support for the Publican Alumni Trust. The visit took place in the company of Mrs. Shabnam Jabbar. Mr. and Mrs. Asif Hussain treated us to their gracious friendship and hospitality.


2. Between 22nd June and 2nd July which included a whole day of road travel courtesy of Publican Asif Hussain through the spectacular Rocky Mountains from Vancouver to Calgary, we were able to meet about 300 Pakistani Canadians at 3 different events. Though the principal focus of their interest was aspects of present-day Pakistan, we were able to spread the word about PAT's work and our aims. Alas, there were only 2 Publicans amongst those present !


3. The under-signed in the capacity of a film producer had volunteered one ticketed private screening in each of the 2 cities of the film "Ramchand Pakistani" to try to raise funds for PAT.


4. Mr. Iqbal Haider, a distinguished non- Publican Pakistani resident of Calgary, in a spirit of public service, helped Publican Asif Hussain for the PAT cause and extended warm hospitality to us.


5. At the Vancouver screening (with about 75 persons), there was a prior commitment by colleagues of Publican Asif Hussain to provide support to the Citizens' Foundation. Even though the under-signed is not directly associated with TCF, one being aware of its good work, the film's poor producer agreed to enable the screening to raise funds for a cause other than PAT only because TCF is also devoted to education.


At the Calgary screening (about 200 persons, including prominent local non Pakistani Canadians alongwith a Member of Parliament, members of the State legislature as well as a candidate for the next Mayorship !) PAT was the sole cause projected, apart from reflections about Pakistan. The film was very well-received.


Data about the exact sum raised will be confirmed shortly on receipt but regardless of the amount, sincere thanks are owed to Publican Asif Hussain and to non-Publican Iqbal Haider for their dedicated efforts. Publican Taslim Akbar in Vancouver has also pledged to help.


We are now in New York enjoying a hot and sizzling welcome, observing how parts of the city cope with load-shedding and giving them tips from rich experience.


The continuing private visit is being used to further the PAT mission. Publicans Akbar Noman and Masood Haider, Class of 1962, both veterans of New York, are being as gentlemanly and friendly as ever.


6. On 16th July in Washington DC, between inter-actions with 2 leading forums  facilitated by the Embassy of Pakistan, Publican Qamar Kazmi has kindly arranged to host an evening at his residence for the PAT cause, alongwith a tele-conference with outstation members of the Publican Association of North America. Separately, there is also a meeting with alumni of the University of Karachi.


Publican Izzat Ali, Class of 1961, is providing generous hospitality and full support.


7. Between 21st July and 4th August in New York and environs, with the help of Publican Shahid Akhtar, Class of 1961, resident of New Jersey, and with other Publicans it is hoped the PAT message will also be further projected.


8. In case any Publican resident in North America wishes to contact the under-signed during the dates/phases listed above, please use email while the contact cell no. is 917 932 5930.


9. Funding support from Vancouver and Calgary is expected to meet the cost of the next Teachers' Capacity Building Workshop set to start in Karachi on 2nd August 2010. Any surplus will help implement other projects between August and December.


10. Any support that Publicans in the USA or Canada can provide to PAT's programme for the promotion of education to benefit over 1800 students and over 100 teachers in the 3 successor Schools of our beloved alma mater will make a vital and positive difference.


Thank you for your attention.


With best wishes


Javed Jabbar