June 14, 2010

PAT brings Teachers' Capacity-building Workshop to the F.G. Junior School


At 9 a.m. on Monday, 14th June 2010, the first Publican Alumni Trust project for the benefit of the FG Junior Public School, the 3rd successor School to our original alma mater School was initiated in a simple, functional manner.


20 teachers of the School, 15 female teachers and 5 male teachers, are participating. In principle and in pratice, their work impacts upon about 800 girls and boys up to Class 5.


PAT has engaged the services of Lexicon, an education- focused group based in Karachi that is led by Mr. Salim Aziz and Mrs. Humaira Aziz. The basic aim of their study technology is to enhance the ability of teachers to transfer 100% of the syllabus in a clear and coherent way to students who are expected to also absorb 100% of the content being disseminated to them. The technology has been successfully applied in the U.S.A. and several overseas countries. The enthusiastic Aziz team was being assisted by Dr. Bheel and his daughter Rachna.
Principal Mrs. Nazima Ejaz was also present.


PAT was represented by Mrs. Sabiha Pervez, Convenor, PAT Education Committee and the under-signed.


In introductory remarks, PAT's aim and its activities to date in 2009 and 2010 were outlined. The voluntary and financial support being extended by Publicans and members of PAT was conveyed alongwith the fact that for this particular workshop, Vice Chair PAT, Publican Zaffar Ahmed Khan had made a valued personal contribution of Rs 50,000/- while the total cost of the Workshop will be about Rs 120,000/-.


The Workshop will run though the week, 5 hours per day, up to Saturday, 19th June 2010. PAT is also providing refreshments and lunch for participants.


The Principal and teachers participated in the proceedings with keen interest and enthusiasm.


Mr. Salim Aziz and Mrs. Humaira Aziz provided the background to the conceptual approach and conducted the proceedings.


In a sad counterpoint, and almost as an illustration of the conditions in which we live, gutter water overflowing from the adjacent Housing Estate was rapidly creating a large lake that was making access to the Junior School building an exercise in skillful navigation.


One of the possible future PAT projects could also be to repair the sewage systems on the historic grounds of our beloved School !


But let us look at the brighter side. There is lots of sunshine and heat - in more senses than one - in Karachi in June.


Thank you for your attention.


PAT looks forward to your continued support.


With best wishes,


Javed Jabbar