September 20, 2009

1. Thank you. but ! ...... 2. Eid Mubarak



Dear fellow Publicans,



1.      On behalf of all members of the Publican Alumni Trust, I convey sincere thanks to all those 16 Publicans (named below) who have responded so promptly and generously to the recent impassioned appeal from Trustee Khawaja Fariduddin, Convener, PAT Fund-raising Committee for donations in Ramazan to help students from low-income families studying in the 2 main successor Schools of our alma mater.


Name of Publican

Class Of


Name of Publican

Class Of

Khan Akbar Majeed



Naved Alam Zubairi


Sabiha Pervez



Ishtiaq Hussain Mir


Javed Ahmed Pai



Salim Nakhooda


Mir Asif Hussain



Tabassum Qureshi


Sohail Hameed Khan



Rizwan Ahmed Khan


Humayun Khalil



Aamir Ahmed


Mirza Naseeruddin



Azhar Azmat Khan


Imran Mirza



Ather Hashmi



2.      Each of these 16 Publicans symbolizes the values of caring and sharing that we were imbued with during our days in School.


3.      In view of the range of activities that PAT conducts e.g. scholarships, teachers' capacity-building, gifts of computers and books, motivational lectures and interactions with students, innovative competitive events to develop capability in original writing and public-speaking, educative field trips, etc. we request that you permit your valuable contributions to be used wherever they are most needed.


4.      The Board of Trustees ensures that funds are used with relevance, integrity and for optimal benefit of the deserving and the disadvantaged. 


5.      To endorse Khawaja Fariduddin's appeal: the overwhelming majority of Publicans have not yet responded to the appeal i.e. out of 530 Publicans on this e-mail list, responses have been received from less than 4%!  Where are the rest of you?!.  Many of you contributed in 2008 to make the Golden Jubilee a memorable event and to launch our fund-raising campaign. All Trustees also contribute their time, resources and donations on a regular basis.


6.      There is still vast scope and urgent need for your donations, particularly from all those Publicans who have achieved well-deserved financial security and prosperity.


7.      Also on behalf of all colleagues, I convey the message of Eid Mubarak to you, and to all those dear to you, wishing you continued good health and well-being


8.      Do make a special effort to participate in the 2009 Annual Reunion to be held in Karachi on Saturday, 12th December 2009. Visit the website ( for further details.


9.      And before that date, we also have other PAT events already scheduled to which you are cordially invited: The next event is scheduled at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, 30th September 2009 for a Declamation Contest and the Gift of Books. Another is scheduled at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, 20th October 2009 for the 3rd Distinguished Publican Lecture Series, this one to be delivered by Trustee and Vice-Chairman, PAT, Zaffar Ahmed Khan, Class of 1961.


Thank you for your attention.


With best wishes,


Javed Jabbar


Publican Alumni Trust