September 8, 2009

You can make a vital difference in the education of students from low-income families


Dear Publicans,


Assalam Alaikum,


First of all, on behalf of the Members of the Board of Trustees of the Publican Alumni Trust (PAT), I would like to wish you and your family "Ramzan Mubarak".


A more than enthusiastic response was received from Publicans from far and wide to the idea of celebrating the Golden Jubilee of our great school, the Karachi Cantonment Public School.


Encouraged by the great success of events of 16th Aug. 5th Dec. and 21st Dec. 08, it was proposed and agreed that a new formal legal entity be established to sustain our work on a long-term basis.  Thus, the PUBLICAN ALUMNI TRUST was registered and launched on 29th Jan. 09 to urgently find ways and means to lift the 2 successor schools of our original dear school from the abyss.


The task is formidable. A lot needs to be done and for this purpose, the time, effort and money of just a small group of Publicans led by JJ is not enough. The scale of work requires larger and greater participation of Publicans, wherever they are.


Our successes and achievements after our school life are, to a major extent, due to the education we received at Karachi Cantonment Public School. The 2 successor schools today in 2009 are in a pathetic state, physically and academically compared to our School, particularly in the 1958-1976 period. These 2 schools are crying out for help. We owe a lot to them and it will be a grave, unforgivable crime if we do not respond adequately.


Is it not a matter of embarrassment for us Publicans, that Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz, CEO of Bank Al-Falah, while not being a Publican has, nevertheless, on our request, promptly agreed to support, through his bank, 120 scholarships each year for a period of 03 years with a total outlay of Rs. 2.28 million for the deserving and disadvantaged students of the 2 successor schools. This is the single biggest Scholarships scheme in the 50-year history of Karachi Cantonment Public School/successor schools.


Let us not lag behind. It is not necessary that your contribution be in hundreds of thousands. Even the smallest donation is most welcome. Please make it a regular habit.


In this holy month of Ramzan, we request that you, as a former student of our beloved school, should demonstrate individual care and concern for the welfare and progress of the deserving and disadvantaged students by donating generously to PAT. Please remember that the large majority of the students enrolled in the successor schools come from low-income families.


In less than 7 months after its registration on 29th January 2009, the Publican Alumni Trust (PAT), representing former students of Karachi Cantonment Public School (1958-76) has already :

1.      Conducted a 10-day Teachers' Capacity-building Workshop for 20 teachers.

2.      Gifted 16 computers to the 2 main successor schools.

3.      With the support of Bank Al-Falah Limited, awarded 120 scholarships for one year (60 for girls, 60 for boys) at Rs 500 per month to deserving and disadvantaged students.  The scholarships will also be awarded for the next 2 years.

4.      Presented 2 motivational lectures to students under the Distinguished Publicans Lecture Series. 


Only with your regular valuable contributions and support will PAT be able to continue its mission of supporting the successor schools through the capacity-building of teachers, providing books and computers, supporting creative competitions, encouraging original thinking, and  improving writing & speaking skills.


Payment can be made in the following manners. Those who wish to send contributions by crossed cheque/pay order/draft they can send crossed cheque/pay order/draft in favour of "Publican Alumni Trust" at the following address :


Publican Alumni Trust

10, Bangalore Town

Block 7/8, Main Shahrah-e-Faisal




Those who wish to send contributions through Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) they can  send contribution to :


Account # 410101019634

Title of Account : Publican Alumni Trust

Name of Bank : Askari Bank

                       Zeenat Terrace

                       265, Block - 3

                       Bahaduryar Jang Society

                       Bahadurabad 74800

                       Karachi, Pakistan

Swift code : ASCMPKKA


Please send an email to giving details of your contribution so that we can track and confirm its receipt.


We look forward to your generosity in proving once again that Publicans are committed to excellence in education, and that they give practical expression to their care and compassion for fellow human beings.


Thank you for your attention.


We look forward to your early response.


With best wishes,


Khawaja Fariduddin

Class of 1961


PAT Fund-raising Committee