January 29, 2009

Declaration of Trust Deed filed for Publican Alumni Trust


On January 29, 2009, on behalf of all Publicans, Javed Jabbar filed the document which is called the "Declaration", that is the founding document of the Publican Alumni Trust in the office of the Registrar, Board of Revenue of the relevant township of Karachi, which was Bangalore Town/Gulshan-e-Iqbal sector in which the office of the Trust is to be located.


Publican Advocate Chaudhry Arshad Iqbal prepared the final version of the document and completed all the required formalities. He was accompanied by two of his associate lawyers. We owe many thanks to him for his valuable efforts. As also to Publican Zaffar Ahmed Khan and all others who have helped reach consensus on PAT.


Now, as of January 29, 2009, on the basis of the receipt of deposit of the declaration, we can begin functioning as a legal entity. The first Board of Trustees consists of the following Publicans:


  • Shirley Hyder Valika

  • Khawaja Fariduddin

  • Javed Jabbar

  • Khalid Zaki

  • Nighat Mir

  • Sabiha Perwaiz

  • Muhammad Ashraf Kapadia

  • Muhammad Saeed Khalid

  • Muhammad Tahir Sadiq

  • Tariq Bin Usman Siddiqui

  • Zohair Ashir

  • Atiq Rehman

  • Shamim Riaz

  • Zulqarnain Jamil Aali

  • Zaffar Ahmed Khan


Let us all now work towards the success of our initiative to promote education through the Publican Alumni Trust.

Declaration of Trust as filed in the office of the Registrar, Board of Revenue (Bangalore Town/Gulshan-e-Iqbal), by Javed Jabbar on January 29, 2009 can be viewed by clicking here.