December 30, 2008

Updated Draft of the Publicans Alumni Trust (PAT)


Zaffar A. Khan has sent the updated draft of the Publicans Alumni Trust (PAT) Deed for review and comment before it is finalized in the meeting scheduled to be held at 11:30 am on Saturday, January 3, 2009 at the school premises.


Please send your comments to Zaffar A. Khan ( with a copy to the Administrator (


Draft of the Publicans Alumni Trust (PAT) Deed is reproduced below:

Publicans Alumni Trust (PAT) Deed



The Select Committee ( see names below) constituted to finalize the Trust Deed met on Dec 8 and reviewed the draft prepared by Publican Arshad Iqbal. The rationale behind each proposed clause was discussed in detail and after debating varying view points unanimously decided to recommend the amended Trust Deed to the General Committee of Publicans for approval. The meeting of the General Committee was held on December 29 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Javed Jabbar to review the latest version of Trust Deed. Mr. Zaffar A. Khan presented the highlights of the deliberations of the Select Committee. The highlights with the suggested amendments are stated below. This note is to be read in conjunction with the latest draft of the Trust Deed which is being circulated separately.

Some Key Considerations in shaping the Trust Deed

o The First Board of Trustees to be made up of 12 persons as per the batch wise mix given below;


Batch #
58-62 5
63-67 3
68-72 3
73+ 1
Total 12

(It is to be noted that the above stated Board composition received the most attention of the Select Committee. It was unanimously agreed that in the initial / formative stage it would be beneficial to keep a heavier representation of the senior classes. It was further agreed with the passage of time this distinction would be removed)

o Eligibility General : The person should have been in the school for at least one term and should be registered with PAT. (The batch years shown above represent the year in which matriculation should have occurred.)

o The term of the First Board is for five years. Thereafter, 25% of Trustees shall retire every two years and be replaced with new persons. The batch wise distinction will cease after the first five year term.

o A retiring Trustee can be re-nominated but will have to sit out one term

o All members are eligible to be Trustees provided they meet the general eligibility criterion stated above.

o Upon completion of the Board term, three Trustees shall volunteer to step down other wise it will be determined by the Trustees by undertaking a confidential ballot among themselves.

o Aspiring Trustees will offer themselves by stating in writing their interest to serve. In case there are more candidates than vacancies then the non retiring Trustee will elect by majority vote. Balloting will be confidential.

o Any vacancy caused during the tenure of a Board will be filled by the remaining Trustees through mutual consultation and if required via a confidential ballot.

o The Board positions shall comprise of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer and eight Members. All Board position appointments will be by consultation among Trustees failing which by confidential balloting.

o All trustee shall carry a single vote. In the event of a tie, the Chairman may exercise a casting vote.

o There will be two categories of members i.e. Members & Associated Members. Members are those who were on the rolls of the "original" school. Associated members are those who have attended the successor schools post 1975

o Associated members of good standing may in time be invited to become regular Members.

o PAT Membership fee ( One time)
- Member Rs. 1,000
- Associated Member Rs. 500
To be a Trustee on the Board the member should have donated Rs. 25,000 into the Endowment Fund ( once )

o To benefit from the vast experience and contribution of Publican Alumni residing outside of Karachi, it is proposed to create Advisory Committees (AC) wherever there are clusters of Publicans (overseas or in other cities of Pakistan). AC linkages with the PAT Board will be

established for regular interaction.


Closing Note


The General Committee of the Publicans is desirous to firm up and register the Trust Deed as quickly as possible so that the Trust activities can be under taken under a proper / formal frame work. This would include management of the funds already collected, a more concerted drive to collect the balance to meet the minimum target of Rs 5 million, framing of Trust rules and firming up details of the benevolent activities. Some of the points mentioned in the note above are captured in the draft Trust Deed whereas other points mentioned are to be captured in the Trust Rules as advised by our Publican lawyer Arshad Iqbal. Feedback on the above is welcome. An early response will be appreciated as we are targeting to register the Trust Deed in the early part of January 2009.
Happy New Year.



Members of the Select Committee
- Zaffar A. Khan ( Chairman)
- Zohair Ashir
- Arshad Iqbal
- M.Khalid Saeed
- Shirley Valika
- Khalid Zaki