August 6, 2008
Emergency Action Required for 17th August 2008



Wednesday, 06 August 2008


To:      All Publicans


Subject:  Emergency action required for 17th August 2008


Dear fellow Publicans,


Assalam-o-alaikum & greetings.


Upon learning in the forenoon of 5th August 2008 that the preparatory meeting required for the soft celebrations on 17th August 2008 had not yet taken place, for whatever reason, I took the liberty of requesting Khawaja Fariduddin, Nighat Mir and 3 other colleagues to meet at extremely short notice at about 7 p.m. yesterday on 5th August 2008 at the School premises.


Farid, Nighat, my wife Shabnam and I were present.


Nighat had formulated a very comprehensive and useful check-list for work to be done based on our prior meetings and some pertinent suggestions from her.  She also outlined a detailed programme for the event on 17th August.  Combined with our discussion, the following decisions were taken and related actions are required to be done immediately:


1.      The timing of the celebration is now more appropriate for 7:30 p.m. in the evening of Sunday, 17th August 2008, rather than mid-day.


2.      The programme will comprise an appropriate ceremony to honour teachers, our shared memories and our aspirations.


3.      Spouses, and children (above the age of 12) are welcome to participate.


4.      Each person participating is required to contribute Rs.500/- preferably in advance to Mr. Tahir Sadiq (0300-8222143 or 021-111 11 47 22 Ext.301, 5615255).


5.      The programme details will be communicated by e-mail by 12th August 2008.  Nighat Mir (021-5866201-5) will co-ordinate.


6.      Dress code on 17th August for Publicans only, not for spouses and children (!) is a re-creation of our original School uniform: i.e. white shirt, grey / blue trousers, red tie.  If your original uniform no longer fits you, there is enough time to get it tailored for your new dimensions.  Admission is strictly on the basis of wearing the uniform and don't forget your shining shoes.


7.      A school bell will be rung to mark the start of the ceremony and Publicans will take their places as per their respective batches i.e. year in which they matriculated from the School.


8.      As we are unable to precisely estimate as to how many Publicans and how many related people will actually come on 17th August, all those in the e-mail net-work at this time residing in Karachi or likely to be in Karachi on 17th August are requested to urgently repeat urgently confirm by e-mail to Mr. Ashraf Kapadia (0333-2134504), e-mail: their intention to be part of the 17th August event.  This will help prepare for catering, seating etc.


However, based on the fact that the general planning meetings  have so far been attended by 25 to 30 persons and assuming that each of these, in turn, contacts/motivates at least 3 more Publicans each, it is safe to assume that a minimum of about 100 to 125 Publicans will be present on 17th August. If each Publican is accompanied by a spouse, we have a minimum of about 250 to about 300 persons.


For the present, planning for catering, seating etc will proceed on the basis of about 250 to 300 persons.


9.      As expenses per person are estimated to about Rs.600 to Rs.700 to cover the cost of food, tentage, other items etc. and as we have collected only Rs.17,500/- for the soft celebration expenses, we will have to meet the cost from the amount already collected exclusively for donation-to-education purposes and reimburse that amount between now, and say 30th September, as also by receiving Rs.500/- each from all the participants of the 17th August event who have not yet paid.  Further, those of us who have commercial firms and are willing to contribute sums by placing modest, non-intrusive standees/signs etc. at the event could also make their firms pay a fee of, say, Rs.10,000/- to Rs.20,000/- each to help meet costs.


10.  The present Principal and senior staff will be invited as guests on a complimentary basis alongwith staff of the Federal Directorate (about 20 to 30 persons). 


Those who are willing to work for the event between now and 17th August are requested to kindly meet with colleagues and the undersigned at 9 a.m. repeat 9 a.m. on Thursday, 7th August 2008 at the School premises.


Thank you for your attention.


Look forward to your response.


With best wishes,


Javed Jabbar