June 7, 2008
First Planning Meeting for Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Public School




To: All Publicans

Sub: Minutes of the First Planning Meeting on 7 June 2008 about the 50th anniversary


(kindly circulate this e-mail to all other fellow Publicans not on this list of addressees)


Dear fellow Publicans,

Assalam-o-alaikum and greetings.


Soon after the first planning meeting on 7 June 2008, due to prior commitments, I departed from Karachi and returned only a couple of days ago.


Hence, the minutes of the meeting are being circulated today i.e. 7 days after the meeting.


In case there are omissions, kindly identify them at the next meeting.


Each of the 22 Publicans present at the first meeting accepted one or more responsibilities. Please fulfil them promptly!

It was such a pleasure to meet each of the other 21: and to be together for a couple of hours.


Several fellow Publicans, particularly those living overseas or outside Karachi have addressed e-mails to me and to others on the proposed celebration. As I have been unable to respond to all of them individually to date - but intend to do so shortly - I say "thank you" for your e-mails and look forward to your valued participation in this process.


Here's to the required action as per minutes enclosed and to meeting you on Saturday, 28 June 2008.


With best wishes,

Javed Jabbar


Encl: minutes of the meeting


Saturday, 14 June 2008


Minutes of the first planning meeting of Publicans to discuss the 50th anniversary of Cantonment Public School, Karachi


1. The meeting commenced with Tilawat at 11:15 a.m. on Saturday, 7 June 2008 at the F.G. Public School (Boys), Karachi Cantonment.


2. 22 esteemed Publicans were present:

  1. Akbar Adil Badshah (0300 825 7299)
  2. Khalid Zaki (0332-8201949, 5302963-65)
  3. Shahid Zaki (0300-8244949)
  4. Raju Jamil (0300-9233624)
  5. Mirza Naseeruddin
  6. Khalid Basharat (0301-8296339)
  7. Farida Sheikh
  8. Kamran Ibrahim (021-4546232)
  9. Nighat Mir (021-5866201-5)
  10. Atiq-ur-Rehman (0300-8245155)
  11. Zafar A. Khan (0333-2152000)
  12. Suleman Farooq (0300-8232338)
  13. Khwaja Fariduddin (0300-8259999)
  14. Ashraf Kapadia (0333-2134504)
  15. Talib Haq (0322-2437242)
  16. Shamim Riaz (0307-2224242)
  17. Col.(r) Saleem Baig (0300-8210493)
  18. Abbas Zafar
  19. Tariq Bin Usman
  20. Tahir Sadiq (021-111 11 47 22 Ext.301, 5615255)
  21. Sikander Khan (+86-15800317020, +86-21-50597782)
  22. Javed Jabbar (0300-2019213, 021-5346513)

3. Several Publicans who live outside Karachi or outside Pakistan had previously said they would have wanted to be part of the process and sent their best wishes. Some in Karachi could not attend.


4. Brief self-introductions were rendered. On completion, the officiating Principal, of the School Ms. Farhat Bano and 4 teachers also present, were introduced. Attaullah Khan and Irfan Alam from the interim convenor's office were also introduced.


5. Fateha and one minute's silence were offered and observed for the departed souls, and in fond memory of past Principals, teachers, staff and students who are no longer with us.


6. Thanks were recorded to the Directorate of Federal Educational Institutions (Cantts.,/Garrisons), Rawalpindi for affording permission to hold the meeting at the premises of the School and to the officiating Principal for the extension of co-operation.


7. It was noted with both humility and pride that the present professional and personal status of each of the Publicans present at the meeting reflected the extra-ordinary distinctions achieved by Publicans in general. Enduring respect for our teachers was re-affirmed.


8. After recording thanks to all those who took the time and trouble to come, the interim convenor made initial observations before opening the meeting for discussion.


9. All Publicans share the heritage of a great institution which helped shape our lives. The primary purpose of meeting at this time is to determine how best to pay tribute to this institution on its 50th anniversary.


10. Reference was made to the note titled: "Suggested scope of work", copies of which were earlier circulated by e-mail, and hard copies of which were also made available at the meeting.


11. Note was taken that from 1961-2008, as many as 47 batches of Matric students had completed their education in the School (and its 3 successor schools) thus numbering about over 2500(?) students. The identification of representatives or members of each one of the 47 batches is a formidable task.


12. Even though the officiating Principal and staff had very thoughtfully made available for our perusal, registers containing the name, date of admission, class of admission of each single student from 1 January 1958 onwards to date, there is no instantly or conveniently available, reliable data source to enable contact with all Publicans at their present addresses in the near future.


13. For about 90 minutes, a cordial and fairly comprehensive discussion took place to cover the purpose of the meeting and related tasks.


14. While there was a healthy divergence of views on certain issues, there was also a refreshing consensus and unanimity on basic principles and aspects.


15. Placed below are: (a) decisions taken, responsibilities assumed, dates/deadlines for action (b) observations made, and decisions required in the next meeting/s.


S #


Action by

By date


4 qualities should mark the 50th anniversary celebration: (a) simplicity,    (b) materially benefit those most deserving and most in need, (c) honour memories of those who have passed away and pay tribute to Principals & teachers who are with us today  (d) be an enjoyable event for all participants.

All !



The main celebration should be in the first 7 to 10 days of December 2008.

All !

1-10 Dec 2008


There could possibly be a preliminary event on a limited scale in the second half of August 2008.

All !

15-30 Aug 2008


Names of Publicans entered in the registers of the School be transferred into electronic data form to facilitate launch of "search" for Publicans. Tasks to be shared on year-wise basis between those present.

As per list and those present. List noted by Atiq and by those who volunteered!

28 June 2008


Send out a press release, request newspapers to publish "letters to the editor", place a paid-for ad in one or two newspapers, use Facebook etc. to try to contact Publicans.

1.Raju Jamil



28 June 2008


Voluntary financial contributions were suggested and committed to create an initial seed fund to finance unavoidable organizational expenses but mainly to launch a fund to be primarily used for the benefit of the deserving and the needy.  Each person present made a commitment, noted by Zafar Ahmed Khan. An amount of over Rs.300,000/- was pledged on the spot.

All !

7 June 2008


Opening of a bank account in the name of two individuals which could be operated by any 2 out of 4 signatories at the HSBC Karachi branch.  Zafar Ahmed Khan, Zakir Mehmood (in absentia).   (Note: subsequently, Zakir Mehmood has regretted his inability to be a co-signatory of the account for personal reasons).  Khwaja Fariduddin's name is proposed as an alternative to his name.  The other 2 names of possible co-signatories are Nighat Mir and Atiq-ur-Rehman.


As soon as the bank account is opened by Zafar Ahmed Khan & colleagues, title of account should be circulated to enable cheques to be made and sent to Zafar Ahmed Khan. At address: (?)


Zafar A. Khan













Zafar A. Khan

28 June 2008















Atiq-ur-Rehman volunteered to serve as the secretary for the group's work to keep records and conduct other related tasks.


On-going. Today !


Particularly in view of the fact that the original Public School was a co-educational school, it is vital to increase the participation of women Publicans in the preparatory process for the celebrations and in the celebration itself.  The 2 women Publicans present at the meeting were requested to make a special effort to ensure increased participation by women Publicans.

Farida Sheikh, Nighat Mir


28 June 2008

(P.S: what progress so far?!)


A logo to be developed by Ms. Nighat Mir and her firm The Circuit, to symbolize the 50th anniversary.

Nighat Mir

28 Jun 2008


A plaque or obelisk or small memento be placed/erected on the grounds of the old School to mark the anniversary and celebratory event.

Text: JJ

Design: Nighat Mir

28 June 2008


A plaque to be made for each Publican who participates in the celebration on a self-paid basis.

Co-ordinated by


30 July 2008 (?)


It was resolved to hold the next meeting on Saturday, 28 June 2008 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the same venue.

All !



Observations requiring further consideration and decisions that need to be taken


1. While being deeply saddened at the virtually complete disappearance of the unique structure and lay-out of the original School and while noting that 3 schools now function on the old premises, a view was expressed by Zafar Ahmed Khan that the original Public School with its co-educational system, its Principals and teachers and the overall environment till it existed from 1958 to about 1967/1976(?) represented the real Public School which deserves to be remembered and celebrated. If we include all the students who studied after the original concept and system of the School was changed, there is little affinity between the original School and what came after the first 10 to 15 years. Our focus should be on the original School batches. Yet later Publicans also deserve to be made part of the celebrations, if they are accessed. No conclusive decision was taken on this aspect.


2. As all present, and others already have substantive commitments of time and resource elsewhere, it is not intended to create a new formal organization to represent Publicans at this stage. Rather, the aim is to come together to mark the 50th anniversary. If there is a genuine desire to sustain the inter-action beyond 2008, this matter can be considered later.


3. There was a gracious offer to host regular, e.g. monthly, evening get-togethers of Publicans, by rotation in the future, an offer welcomed by all.


The meeting concluded at about 1 p.m.


Refreshments arranged by Khwaja Fariduddin and Javed Jabbar were served.


A group photograph was taken for posterity's record - and for our own!