Class of 1988


The names of the Old Publicans of the Class of 1988 are given below in admission sequence. In case the name is italicized and in blue, there is additional information about our colleague, which can be accessed by clicking on the name. In case the name is not italicized nor in blue, there is no additional information.


Please let us know of any corrections or additional information that you may have. Only with your support and help will be able to keep this site updated with the relevant and correct information. Thanks.


Register No. Name of the Scholar Father's Name Date of Admission Class Admitted to
9999 Shagufta Afaq         
9999 Fizza Iqbal         
9999 Adnan S. Paracha         
9999 Shaikh Khalid Sohail         
9999 Imran Gohar         
9999 Saadia Akram         
9999 Mohammad Sajjad Khan         
9999 Junaid Ahsan         
9999 Abdul Quddus Khan         
9999 Shaista Shahid         
9999 Nausheen Haider Abbasi         
9999 Asim Adil Shah         
9999 Afshan Fatima Naqvi         
9999 Syed Haseeb Ali Kiddie         
9999 Syed Raza Imam Kazmi         
9999 M. Ahmad Bhatti      
9999 Muhammad Baber Mairaj      
9999 Nauman Siddique      
9999 Murad Baseer      
9999 Maliha Azher      
9999 Farrukh Anwar