Class of 1978


The names of the Old Publicans of the Class of 1978 are given below in admission sequence. In case the name is italicized and in blue, there is additional information about our colleague, which can be accessed by clicking on the name. In case the name is not italicized nor in blue, there is no additional information.


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Register No. Name of the Scholar Father's Name Date of Admission Class Admitted to
1 Syed Mohammad Muslim   Syed Mohd Ahmed  03-Jul-67 Nursery
17 Sama Nooruddin  Noruddin  03-Jul-67 Nursery
18 Syed Jawad Ahsan   S.M.Ahsanuddin  03-Jul-67 Nursery
22 S.M. Khalid Huda   S.M. Nurul Huda  03-Jul-67 Nursery
63 Salim Ahmed  Nazir Ahmed Chaudhary  03-Jul-67 Nursery
69 Farukhi Azam  Shaik Nooruddin  03-Jul-67 Nursery
74 Mohammad Jawad Ur Rehman  Dr.Luttur Rahmen Chowdhary  03-Jul-67 Nursery
14 Mohammad Nadeem Afzal  S.M.Saleem  05-Jul-67 Nursery
16 Nadeem Tahir Chirig Din  Chirig Din  05-Jul-67 Nursery
21 Khaja Rafiullah  Khaja Luayathullah  05-Jul-67 Nursery
70 Saboohi Naseem  Naseemuddin Khan  05-Jul-67 Nursery
75 Saiyaed Asif Majeed   A Farid Saiyed  05-Jul-67 Nursery
76 Mohammad Faisal Khan  Mohd Shafi Khan  05-Jul-67 Nursery
77 Shezad Ijaz  Ijaz Saeed Khan  05-Jul-67 Nursery
93 Seema Sulaman  Sulaman Sharief  07-Jul-67 Nursery
94 Ayaz Sultan  Shaik Hussain  07-Jul-67 Nursery
95 Jaweed Iqbal  Iqbal Ahmed Kahn  07-Jul-67 Nursery
96 Shahzad Ahmed  Sabir Ahmed Kahn   07-Jul-67 Nursery
97 Ghazala Malik  Malik Sher Baz Khan  07-Jul-67 Nursery
15 Mirza Hussain Salahuddin Khan  Maj. Nawazadakhan Mirza Salahuddin  08-Jul-67 Nursery
19 Samia Habib  Habib Ahmed Khan  08-Jul-67 Nursery
85 Mohamed Tahir   Mohamed Kamil   08-Jul-67 Nursery
86 Samina Malik  Major Ashiq Hussian Malik  08-Jul-67 Nursery
87 Humayun Ali Khan  Noor Khan  08-Jul-67 Nursery
92 Mahmood Ahmed Hashmi  Ishtiaq Ahmed Hashmi  08-Jul-67 Nursery
98 Mukesh Kumar   Ram Chand Mitha Ram Rangwani  08-Jul-67 Nursery
132 Zubair Siddique  Tafazzul Hussain Siddique  08-Jul-67 Nursery
136 S.M. Ayub   Barkat Bhai Akhtar Ali  08-Jul-67 Nursery
137 Naheed Butt  Yanas Butt  08-Jul-67 Nursery
138 Rukshinda Rahman   Abdul Rahman Siddique  08-Jul-67 Nursery
144 Rukhsana Raza Ali  S.Raza Ali  08-Jul-67 Nursery
160 Rashid Yousuf  Yusuf Aboo  11-Jul-67 Nursery
165 Naureen Mirza  Muzaffar Ahmed  11-Jul-67 Nursery
171 Salman Ahmed   Sajjad Ahmed  12-Jul-67 Nursery
172 Nikhat Misbah  Misbahuddin Khan  12-Jul-67 Nursery
173 Farrukh Mustafa Memoon  Ghulam Mustafa Memoon  12-Jul-67 Nursery
183 Saadiq Saeed   Major M Saeed  13-Jul-67 Nursery
202 Abdul Rafiq  Rehmen Ali  15-Jul-67 Nursery
205 Atiq Ahemd  Nazir Mohammad  15-Jul-67 Nursery
215 Sohail Farooq  Mohammad Farooq Gorowara  15-Jul-67 Nursery
243 Rahat Hussain Khan  Do   19-Jul-67 Nursery
256 Shabtab Fatima  Kafeel Ahmed Khan  22-Jul-67 Nursery
260 Asma Janeen  Do   22-Jul-67 Nursery
290 Asad Ahmed  Do   07-Aug-67 Nursery
304 Naseem Wasti Alias Samina  Do   15-Aug-67 Nursery
305 Yasmin Wasti  Do   17-Aug-67 Nursery
336 Bilal Mohammad  Inam Mohammad  05-Oct-67 Nursery
338 Aqif Malik  Asif Malik  12-Oct-67 Nursery
345 Moghis Rana   Rana Amanullah Khan  07-Nov-67 Nursery
351 Masood Azhar   Md Azharuddin Ahmed  09-Nov-67 Nursery
363 Abid Maqbool   Capt Maqbool Ahmed  12-Jan-68 Nursery
364 Muhammad Usman  K.M.Riazuddin   12-Jan-68 Nursery
365 Mohammad Nasir  Mohd Arif  13-Jan-68 Nursery
366 Zakir Rashid   Abdul Rashid Khan  18-Jan-68 Nursery
369 Amber Tabina   Capt.Allah Nawaz Kahn  25-Jan-68 Nursery
375 Naweed Mohammad Butt  Capt. Anwar Mohammad Butt  20-Feb-68 Nursery
9999 Azhar Sajid Khan  Sajid Ali Khan      
9999 Mohammed Naveed         
9999 Khurram Noor         
9999 Syed Rizwan Hussain Hashimi         
9999 Muhammad Mobin Iqbal         
9999 Ahmed Kamal Shamsi         
9999 Khalil Asim Hameed         
9999 Rizwan Hasan         
9999 Muhammad Shamim Madni         
9999 Azhar Azmat Khan         
9999 Tausif Hasan         
9999 Mustafa Rahim         
9999 Salman Saeed Chaudhry         
9999 Tahir Yar Khan         
9999 Younus R. Hussain         
9999 Saeed Mukhtar         
9999 Qasim Raza         
9999 Salman Haider         
9999 Anwar Ahmed         
9999 Salman Wasti         
9999 Athar Ali Khan         
9999 Mah-e-laqa Ahmed         
9999 Mansoorul Aziz         
9999 Imran Sayeed         
9999 Syed Zulfiqar Ali Rizvi         
9999 Farzana Sherani         
9999 Ahsan Zafar Syed         
9999 Umar Farooq         
9999 Anis Ul Rehman      
9999 Naseem Soherwardy      
9999 Ahmer S. Naqvi      
9999 Hasan A. Bilgrami      
9999 Aman Khan      
9999 Iftekharul Haque