Class of 1973


The names of the Old Publicans of the Class of 1973 are given below in admission sequence. In case the name is italicized and in blue, there is additional information about our colleague, which can be accessed by clicking on the name. In case the name is not italicized nor in blue, there is no additional information.


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Register No. Name of the Scholar Father's Name Date of Admission Class Admitted to
939 Abdus Samad Alvi  Abdul Hamid Alvi  02-Nov-59 Nursery
1512 Nuzhat Ara Alvi  Abdul Hamid Alvi  04-Jun-62 Nursery
1516 S.Khalid Hussain  Syed Zahid Hussain  09-Jul-62 Nursery
1524 Afzal Saeed  Mohammed Saeed  09-Jul-62 Nursery
1525 Masood Zafar  Shaik Rahmat Elahi  09-Jul-62 Nursery
1527 Mabroor Ahmad Bhatty  Mahmood Ahmad Bhatty  09-Jul-62 Nursery
1528 Saad Muzaffar Ali  S. Muzaffar Ali  09-Jul-62 Nursery
1529 Mohd. Saeed Tariq  Abdul Jabbar Khan  09-Jul-62 Nursery
1534 Kamal Ahmad Kureshi  N.N.A. Kureshi  09-Jul-62 Nursery
1536 Arshad Rahim Khan  Abdul Naim Khan  09-Jul-62 Nursery
1538 Sarwar Muhammad Butt  Anwar Muhammad Butt  09-Jul-62 Nursery
1540 Farique Hasan Quadri  G.M.Quadri  09-Jul-62 Nursery
1549 Sameena Majeed  Abdul Majeed  10-Jul-62 Nursery
1558 Amin-Ur-Rahman Khan  A.R.Khan  12-Jul-62 Nursery
1559 Asaf Yar Khan  Anwar Yar Khan  12-Jul-62 Nursery
1561 Ghazala Nazir  A.A.Nazir  12-Jul-62 Nursery
1570 Asma Majeed  Abdul Majeed  12-Jul-62 Nursery
1571 Shaukat Arif  A.F.Matin  12-Jul-62 Nursery
1574 Nazli Zaki  Sh. Mohammed Zaki  12-Jul-62 Nursery
1579 Nadir Ali Khan  Noor Khan  12-Jul-62 Nursery
1613 Aly Shah  Pyarali G.Allana  12-Jul-62 Nursery
1620 Mohammad Majid Hussain  Ishtiaq Hussain  12-Jul-62 Nursery
1630 Misbah Quraishi  A.H.Quraishi  14-Jul-62 Nursery
1634 Zahra Quraishi  A.M.Quraishi  14-Jul-62 Nursery
1636 Naheed Wahidul Haq  S.Wahidul Haq  14-Jul-62 Nursery
1637 Syed Zia Wahidul Haq  S.Wahidul Haq  14-Jul-62 Nursery
1639 Shahina Shaheen Sherani  R.K.Sherani  14-Jul-62 Nursery
1645 Rizwana Yasmin  Ghulam Farooq  16-Jul-62 Nursery
1646 Mahmood Alam Khan  Mohammad Ashraf Khan  16-Jul-62 Nursery
1650 Ayub Sharif  Mohammad Sharif  16-Jul-62 Nursery
1651 Mohd. Salim Khan Sherani  R.K.Sherani  16-Jul-62 Nursery
1667 Zulfiqar Paracha  Mohd. Hasham Pracha  16-Jul-62 KG I
1678 Wasim Kazi  I.M.Kazi  17-Jul-62 Nursery
1698 Qudisia Chaudhari  Abdul Shakoor Chaudhary  17-Jul-62 Nursery
1703 Huma Iftikhar  K.M.Iftikharullah  18-Jul-62 Nursery
1714 Asma Masud  Syed Masud Ali  19-Jul-62 Nursery
1747 Rafi Hamid  Hamid Hasan Bokhari  21-Jul-62 Nursery
A-110  Shariq Rafat  Mohd. Asghar Quraishi  03-Nov-62 Nursery
A-113  Arif Ali Khan Nawabzada  Hamid Ali Khan Nawabzada  04-Jan-63 Nursery
7 Amjad Luqman   Mohammad Luqman  07-Jun-67 V
8 Shaikh Shatiqur Rahman   Shaikh Abdul Qadir   07-Jun-67 V
2 Farooq Ahmed   Abdul Gaffar  10-Jun-67 v
43 Iffat Maqbool  Maqbool Ahmed  03-Jul-67 V
46 Sohail Mirza  Abdul Qayum  03-Jul-67 V
65 Asma Roohi  Sher Mohammad Khan  03-Jul-67 V
67 Tariq  Gul Bahadur  03-Jul-67 V
44 Ataullah Kirmani  Zakaullah Kirmani  05-Jul-67 V
42 Nasreen Yaseen  Mohammad Yaseen Khan  08-Jul-67 V
47 Sameera Khan  Ahmed Khan  08-Jul-67 V
118 Syed Imaran Shafqat   Syed Ahmed Shafqat  08-Jul-67 V
119 Naheed Haq   Capt.S. Wahidul Haq  08-Jul-67 V
120 Safder Mahmood  Azizuddin  08-Jul-67 V
143 S.Nadeem Raza Ali  S.Raza Ali  08-Jul-67 V
383 Imran Irshad  Sm.Irshad  08-Jul-67 V
45 Mohammad Ali  Mohammad Bux Qasim  11-Jul-67 V
168 Naureen Asmah  Major Sardar Mohammad  12-Jul-67 V
169 Munam Masood  Major Sardar Mohammad  12-Jul-67 V
175 Saifuddin  Fakhurddin Darigar  13-Jul-67 V
182 Adnan Bux Irfan  Irfan Ali  13-Jul-67 V
191 Sahadat Hussain  A Qadir  13-Jul-67 V
197 Sohail Ahmed Waqar Gul  Capt Raisuddin Ahmed   13-Jul-67 V
200 Riffat Gul  Gul Abdullah  13-Jul-67 V
188 Ahmad Khalil Siddiqui  Mohad Aqail Siddiqui  15-Jul-67 V
204 Samina Shaheen  Mohd.Rashid Ahmed  15-Jul-67 V
206 Sohail Saeed    Lt.Com.Saeed Hasan  15-Jul-67 V
211 Rohi Imtiaz  Wahid Imtiaz  15-Jul-67 V
222 Mohammad Iqbal  Chauohary Faqir Mohammad  17-Jul-67 V
223 Mohammad Riaz   Chauohary Faqir Mohammad  17-Jul-67 V
223 Rashida Conbactor  Mella Carban Hussain Conbactor  17-Jul-67 V
234 Nusrat Mirza  Do   19-Jul-67 V
239 Masud Ur Rahman  Dr Khalil Ur Rehaman  19-Jul-67 V
261 Mohammad Shahid    Sm.Ishtiaq  22-Jul-67 V
272 Tariq Bux Hamid  Hamid Hassan Khan  03-Aug-67 V
292 Mohammad Khalid Waheed  Mohd.Abdul Waheed  05-Aug-67 V
283 Darkhshan Yunus   Mohd Yunus Rashid  07-Aug-67 V
285 Nilofer Usman  Mohammad Usman  07-Aug-67 V
288 Rashid Ahmad  Ahmed Ismail  07-Aug-67 V
289 Tahir Ahmed  Do   07-Aug-67 V
291 Suhail Ahmed  S.M.Ahmed   07-Aug-67 V
300 Ali Asghar Karimi  Akber Ali Karimi  08-Aug-67 V
335 Abil Anwar  Anwan  29-Aug-67 V
326 Aftab Hussain  Col.Altaf Hussain  14-Sep-67 V
382 Mohammad Arshad   Sm.Irshad  14-Sep-67 V
329 Jan-e-Alam Riaz  Riaz Alam  20-Sep-67 V
340 Mohmood Bux Kafir  Lt.Col.Kafiluddin Ahmed Khan  12-Oct-67 V
343 Najma Masood Khan  Maj Masood Alam Khan  18-Oct-67 V
355 Asma Majeed  Abdul Majeed   09-Dec-67 V
373 Nasir Rashid Khan  Abdul Rashid Khan  07-Feb-68 V
377 Asif Mohammad Butt  Capt. Anwar Mohammad Butt  24-Feb-68 V
1955 Murad Jamil Jamiluddin Aali      
9999 Naved Alam Zubairi         
9999 S. Mohammad Shahid Khan         
9999 Junaid Minai         
9999 Humayun Qureshi         
9999 Shaheen Nawaz Khan         
9999 Anjum M. Saleem         
9999 Jabeen Maqbool         
9999 Ejaz Ahmed         
9999 Masood Ajmal         
9999 Tauseef Husain         
9999 Mohammad Shakil         
9999 Tariq Azhar Siddiqi         
9999 M. Mohsin Rahman         
9999 Sami Ahmed Ansari  Wseef Ahmed Ansari      
9999 Inam Ghazali  Inam M. Kemal     IV
9999 Khawja Azizuddin         
9999 Syed Moinuddin         
9999 Naeem Shahid Yar Khan         
9999 Nausherwan Adil         
9999 Sohail Ahmed Matin         
9999 Hisamuddin Rustam         
9999 Muhammad Tariq         
9999 Naeemur Rahman Alvi         
9999 Syed Raziuddin Ali Khan         
9999 Farrukh Kidwai         
9999 Naveed Mahmood         
9999 Sohail Ahmed         
9999 Taseer M. Syed      
9999 Nadeem Ather      
9999 Salman Hydrie