Class of 1970


The names of the Old Publicans of the Class of 1970 are given below in admission sequence. In case the name is italicized and in blue, there is additional information about our colleague, which can be accessed by clicking on the name. In case the name is not italicized nor in blue, there is no additional information.


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Register No. Name of the Scholar Father's Name Date of Admission Class Admitted to
561 Sikander Yusaf Barakzai  K.M. Yusaf Barakzai  01-May-59 Nursery
640 Pervaiz Said  Mohamed Said  01-May-59 Nursery
641 Zafar Ahmad Zia  Kh. Samuel Hasan  01-May-59 Nursery
642 Mohammad Asad  S.M. Akhtar  01-May-59 Nursery
643 Zafar Iqbal  Ghulam Nabi  01-May-59 Nursery
644 Waqar Sadiq  Inst. Lt. Cdr. Mohd. Siddiq  01-May-59 Nursery
645 Asif Majeed  Abdul Majeed  01-May-59 Nursery
646 Tariq Mahmood  Surg. Lt. Cdr. M. Ashraf  01-May-59 Nursery
647 Nasiruddin  Fakhruddin Valibhai  01-May-59 Nursery
648 Syed Zafar Mohsin  Surg. Lt. S.M. Mohsin  01-May-59 Nursery
650 Said Akbar Siddiqui  Mohamed Akbar Siddiqui  02-May-59 Nursery
651 Syed Rashid Ali  Syed Mahfooz Ali  02-May-59 Nursery
652 Anjum Rafat  Mohd. Asghar Quaraishi  02-May-59 Nursery
653 Faridah Mamlekat Dar  Mohamed Hanif Dar  02-May-59 Nursery
654 Khwaja Gouhar Murad  Khawaja Saghir Ali  02-May-59 Nursery
655 Rukhsana Shahina  Major Fazle Hamid  02-May-59 Nursery
656 Miss Nazli Ahmad  Cdr. Ejaz Ahmad  02-May-59 Nursery
657 Azhar Ikram  Lt. Cdr. Abdulla Khan  02-May-59 Nursery
658 Shoukat Zia Khan  Lt. Haji Ziauddin  02-May-59 Nursery
659 Amina Bibi  Sayid Zahid Hussain  02-May-59 Nursery
660 Anjum Qazi  Cdr. M.K. Qazi  02-May-59 Nursery
662 Samina Ashfaq Alam  Ashfaq Alam Khan  04-May-59 Nursery
664 Sohail Hydri  S.M.K Hydri  04-May-59 Nursery
665 Moonis Ally  Mahboob Ally  04-May-59 Nursery
666 Pir Mohd  Saeed Mohd.  05-May-59 Nursery
667 Abdul Majeed  A. Waheed   05-May-59 Nursery
668 Farooq  Abdul Aziz Khalid  05-May-59 Nursery
669 Azfar Abbas  Munawwar Abbas  06-May-59 Nursery
670 Haroon Raschid Khan  Rashid Khan  06-May-59 Nursery
671 Mohd. Zahid Hussain  Mohd. Ishtiaq Hussain  06-May-59 Nursery
676 Kausar Yasmin  Mohd. Yamin  10-May-59 Nursery
682 Farooq Rais Lodhi  Rais Ahmad Khan Lodhi  19-May-59 Nursery
752 Tariq Naim  Naimuddin Farooqi  23-May-59 Nursery
759 Syed Qaiser Shareef  S.H. Shareeef  26-May-59 Nursery
789 Tahir Baksh Ilahi   Baksh Elahi  28-May-59 Nursery
790 Farrukh Javed  Ashhad Hussain Siddiqui  28-May-59 Nursery
801 Rukhsana Jabeen  G.M Khan  30-May-59 Nursery
802 Masrur Niaz  Manzar Ali  30-May-59 Nursery
809 Jamshed Arif   M.Y Arif  30-May-59 Nursery
816 Mohd.Hanif Khan  Abdur Rehmon Khan  01-Jun-59 Nursery
820 Zahida Mustaghis   Mustaghis Akbar  01-Jun-59 Nursery
822 Jamal Nasir  Ali Mohd  01-Jun-59 Nursery
827 Muhammad Jawaid Faruqui  Mohd.Shahid Farooqi  06-Jun-59 Nursery
828 Perwaz Mahmood Khan  Mahabbat Khan  08-Jun-59 Nursery
839 Safdar Mahmood  Sayeed Mahmood  13-Jul-59 Nursery
855 Mohamed Arif  Haji Siddiq  20-Jul-59 Nursery
861 Sabrina Said  Afzal Said Khan  21-Jul-59 Nursery
874 Rukshanda Kaukab  Rashid Ahmed Karimi  03-Aug-59 Nursery
902 Anis Khan  Abdul Haleem Khan  07-Aug-59 Nursery
906 Saadat Mirza  Nusrat Baig  20-Aug-59 Nursery
917 Seamin Amir  Amir Ahmed  30-Sep-59 Nursery
919 Samina Amir  Amir Ahmed  30-Sep-59 Nursery
944 Mohammad Younus     19-Nov-59 Nursery
945 A.Razzak     19-Nov-59 Nursery
947 Irfan Ahmed Akhtar  S.M Akhtar  01-Dec-59 Nursery
948 Syed Mohteshim Sajjad Sabzvari  S.M.M. Sabzvari  02-Dec-59 Nursery
951 Miss Nasreen Sabir  G.Sabir  03-Dec-59 Nursery
952 Syed Abdul Qadir Hussani  S.A.R Hussaini  04-Dec-59 Nursery
953 Farzana Nasir  Syed Nasir Ali  04-Dec-59 Nursery
A-79  Mansoor Ahmed  Manzoor Ahmed  07-Jan-60 Nursery
A-80  Azhar Mustafa Rizvi  Ahmed Yusuf Ali Rizvi  07-Jan-60 Nursery
A-90  Athar Yar Khan  Anwar Yar Khan  09-Jan-60 Nursery
A-93  Pervaz Mansoor  Mansoor Ali  09-Jan-60 Nursery
A-101  Syed Samiur Rehman Hussani  S.A.R Hussani  25-Jan-60 Nursery
959 Shamim Ahmad Chaudhury  Waris Ali Chaudhury  01-Jul-60 KG I
965 Wiqar Abbas  Tasawwur Ali Hyder  01-Jul-60 KG I
979 Anjum Anis  Anis Hasan Ansari  01-Jul-60 KG I
992 Farida Akhtar  Capt. Muhammad Ashraf Khan  01-Jul-60 KG I
996 Imran Ahmad Khan  Sultan Ahmad Khan  01-Jul-60 KG I
998 Taher Ahmed  Manzoor Ahmed  01-Jul-60 KG I
1014 Ahmed Faisal  Com. Tufail Ahmed  01-Jul-60 KG I
1025 Nauserwan Ahmed  Bashir Ahmed Jan  01-Jul-60 KG I
1029 Khurshid Ahmed Khan  Mohamed Ahsanullah Khan  02-Jul-60 KG I
1035 Asif Jan  Sher Mohamed  02-Jul-60 KG I
1041 Mansoor Ahmed  Nazir Ahmad  02-Jul-60 KG I
1043 Yashar Anwar  Capt. Anwar Khan  02-Jul-60 KG I
1044 Masood Ahmed  Nazir Ahmed  02-Jul-60 KG I
1046 Mahmood Ahmed  Nazir Ahmed  02-Jul-60 KG I
1052 Razia G. Hussain  Major Ghulam Hussain  02-Jul-60 KG I
1062 Perveen Sultan  Lt. Col. Sultan Mohamed Khan  02-Jul-60 KG I
1070 Raheel Qadeer   S.A. Qadeer  02-Jul-60 KG I
1071 Zari Qadeer   S.A. Qadeer  02-Jul-60 KG I
1072 Sohail Qadeer  S.A. Qadeer  02-Jul-60 KG I
1080 Nasir Zaki   Mohd. Zaki  02-Jul-60 KG I
1086 Mohamed Azhar Khan  Haji Akbar Khan  02-Jul-60 KG I
1090 Minhajuddin Ahmad Mirza  M.M. Ahamad  06-Jul-60 KG I
1099 Wahid Iqbal  M. Iqbal Husain  08-Jul-60 KG I
1107 Jamal Mehdi Zaidi  Sgn. Idr. J.M. Zaidi  09-Jul-60 KG I
1114 Nadeem Iqbal  Lt. Col. Abdul Latif  13-Jul-60 KG I
1117 Mohd. Pervez Faiz Siddiqi  M.F.K. Siddiqi  13-Jul-60 KG I
1125 Anwar Ali Mohamed  Ali Mohd. Omar  15-Jul-60 KG I
1130 Perwez Hasan  S.K. Hasan  15-Jul-60 KG I
1142 Syed Mohamed Aslam Husain  Syed Akhtar Husain  20-Jul-60 KG I
1154 Shamim Mirza  Mirza Asmatulla  09-Sep-60 KG I
1167 Salma Majid  Abdul Majid  17-Sep-60 KG I
1203 Sajia Khatoon Rizvi  B.H. Rizvi  07-Jan-61 KG I
1204 Narjis Khatoon Rizvi  B.H. Rizvi  07-Jan-61 KG I
1207 Syed Rahil Nasir Shah  Syed Mohd. Alam Shah  13-Jan-61 KG I
1208 Robina Mazhar  Mazhar Hussain  25-Jan-61 KG I
1216 Najma Amjad  Major Mir Amjad Hussain Khan  25-Jan-61 KG I
1223 Mohd. Arshad  Sajjad Nabi  30-May-61 KG II
1296 Munawar Ali Khan  Faiz Khan  05-Jul-61 KG II
1310 Syed Mohiuddin Karim  Sur. Lt. Com. Latafat Karim  06-Jul-61 III
1312 Avais Sadiq Khawaja  Sur. Lt. Cdr. As. Khawaja  06-Jul-61 KG II
A-109  Kamran Hasan  Syed Ali Hasan  08-Jul-61 KG II
1392 Parwaiz Ahmad Khan  Sabir Ahmad Khan   11-Jul-61 KG II
1395 S. Saleemuddin  S. Moinuddin  11-Jul-61 KG II
1423 Azam Masood  Mirza Nazaruddin  22-Jul-61 KG II
1426 Mohammad Yusuf  Abdul Khaliq  22-Jul-61 KG II
1436 Syed Sible Hasan  Syed Irfan Hasan  01-Aug-61 KG II
1438 Syed Ali Haider  Syed Bashir Hussain  07-Aug-61 KG II
1440 Hussain Madani  G.A.Madani  08-Aug-61 KG II
1466 Abrar Ahmed  Izhar Ul Haq  07-Sep-61 KG II
1469 Khalid Zia Siddiqi  Ghaiyur Hussain Siddiqi  15-Sep-61 KG II
1501 Naureen Akhtar  Amanullah Sardar  03-Jan-62 KG II
1502 Ghazala Afaq  Afaq Hussain Siddiqui  03-Jan-62 KG II
1510 Niman Ara  N.Ahmad  09-Apr-62 III
1514 Syed Sohail Hasan Rizvi  Syed Zubair Hasan Rizvi  09-Jul-62 III
1515 Syed Duraid Hasan Rizvi  Syed Zubair Hasan Rizvi  09-Jul-62 III
1535 Amanullah  S.Abdul Ghafar  09-Jul-62 III
1537 Mohammed Imran Hasan  R.U.Hasan  09-Jul-62 III
A-111  Syed Ali Askari Rizvi  S. Mohd Askari Rizvi  09-Jul-62 III
1548 Tamizul Haq  Azizul Haq  10-Jul-62 III
1551 Javed Sharf  M.Idris Sharf  12-Jul-62 III
1552 Shahid Sharf  M.Idris Sharf  12-Jul-62 III
1554 Mohammad Najib Jung  M.Khalil Jung  12-Jul-62 III
1557 Khalid Said Khan  A.R.Khan  12-Jul-62 III
1640 Numair Yusuf  Pirzada Yusuf Amir  16-Jul-62 III
1669 Nauman Riaz Hussain  Malik Riaz Hussain  17-Jul-62 III
1675 Syed Gholam Abbas  Syed Gholam Sibtain  17-Jul-62 III
1713 Syed Riaz Akbar Shah  Aquib Ali Shah  18-Jul-62 III
1725 Iqbal Ahmad Khan  Mohammad Ahmad Khan  19-Jul-62 III
1727 Qudsia Sarwar  Mirza Naziruddin Goargani  19-Jul-62 III
1739 Munir Ahmed  Rahim Bakhsh  21-Jul-62 III
1746 Fazle Azeem  Malik Mohammad Afzal  21-Jul-62 III
12 Mohammad Sajjad Noor  Najibul Haq  17-Jun-67 VIII
62 Mohsin Ali Khan  Ibrahim Ali Khan  03-Jul-67 VIII
61 Syed Wasim   Sayed Ahmed Hasan  05-Jul-67 VIII
328 Shamim Yasin  Mohd Yasin Khan  06-Jul-67 VIII
126 Farrukh Mirza   Sadiq Hussain Mirza  08-Jul-67 VIII
128 Mohammad Aslam Yaseen  Mohammad Yaseen Khan  08-Jul-67 VIII
139 Azmat Rehmatullah  Rahmatullah  08-Jul-67 VIII
148 Tariq Imtiaz  Wahid Imtiaz  11-Jul-67 VIII
163 Babar Irshad   S.M.Irshad  11-Jul-67 VIII
164 Farooq Khan  Qalandar Kahn  11-Jul-67 VIII
167 Syed Qammar Abbass  Syed Javar Hussain  11-Jul-67 VIII
151 Saad Masud Salman   Waiq Com.M.A.Quddas  12-Jul-67 VIII
193 Shahab Javed   Qadir Sharif   13-Jul-67 VIII
196 Shahid Latif  Hg.Off M.A..Latif  13-Jul-67 VIII
198 Khan Tariq Kamal  Gul Abdullah Zahir Ahmed Khan  15-Jul-67 VIII
201 Rehman Gul   Abdul Rauf  15-Jul-67 VIII
224 Jamil Shaique  Sq.Leeder Mushtaq A Shaique  18-Jul-67 VIII
249 Rahil Nawaz   Col.Haq Nawaz  19-Jul-67 VIII
263 Salman Alvi  S.Aminuiddin Alvi  03-Aug-67 VIII
279 Khalid Hussain   Hamid Hussain  05-Aug-67 VIII
293 Jamshed Badar  Badurddin Zahidi  07-Aug-67 VIII
296 Abid Hussain   Tahir Ali  10-Aug-67 VIII
311 Syed Attarur Rehman  Syed Mohamood Pasha  17-Aug-67 VIII
312 Mohamamd Saeed   Haji Abdul Karim  17-Aug-67 VIII
318 Jamil Ahmed Khan  Mushtaq Ahmed Khan  26-Aug-67 VIII
323 S.M.Shariq Zaidi  S Afazal Ahmed Zaidi  05-Sep-67 VIII
360 Mansoor Khalid Majeed  Khalid Majeed  06-Jan-68 VIII
368 Shaheen Kari  Shahid Saleem  18-Jan-68 VIII
9999 Mehar Alam         
9999 Aftab A. Siddiqui         
9999 Atiq Rehman         
9999 Shahid Ejaz Hussain  Cdr. Muhammad Ejaz Hussain      
9999 Asif Imtiaz Saigal         
9999 Muhammad Sabir Chippa         
9999 Syed Imtiaz Ahmad         
9999 Shams ur Rahman         
9999 Viquar Qurashi         
9999 Saeed ur Rahman Khan         
9999 Nadia Majid         
9999 Syed Asghar Ali Shah  Syed Mahmood Ali Shah      
9999 Riaz Akhtar Salam         
9999 Syed Mahmood-Ul-Haq  Syed Subhan Ul-Haq      
9999 Jaseem Siddiqui         
9999 Mohammad Mohsin Khan         
9999 Sohail Fazal         
9999 Mohammad Ashfaq         
9999 Syed Abaad Hussain         
9999 Nadeem Nayeem      
9999 Pervaiz Mirza      
9999 Syed Mohammad Nasir      
9999 Moazzam Zahir Khan      
9999 Mohiuddin Kamal      
9999 Muhammad Ali Jafri