Class of 1961


The Class of 1961 has the distinction of being the first class of Public School to matriculate.


The names of the Old Publicans of the Class of 1961 are given below in admission sequence. In case the name is italicized and in blue, there is additional information about our colleague, which can be accessed by clicking on the name. In case the name is not italicized nor in blue, there is no additional information.


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Register No. Name of the Scholar Father's Name Date of Admission Class Admitted to
A-43  Surtaj  M.A Quadeer  14-Apr-58 VIII
A-45  Mukhtar Ahmed  Nazir Ahmed Khokar  14-Apr-58 VIII
A-46  Nick Vellani  Sadruddin Vellani  14-Apr-58 VIII
A-47  Mohammad Syed Rashid  S.A Rashid  14-Apr-58 VIII
A-57  Aliya Sultana  Muhammad Samiullah  14-Apr-58 VIII
13 Khawaja Fariduddin  M.A. Quadeer  15-Apr-58 VIII
37 Mir Anisur Rahman  Mir Azizur Rahman  15-Apr-58 VIII
48 Miss Birjees Khanum  Ghulam Murtaza Khan  15-Apr-58 VIII
49 Miss Mehrunnisa A. Peermohammed  Abdulla M. Peermohammed  15-Apr-58 VIII
83 Asif Ali  Mansab Ali  15-Apr-58 VIII
84 Firoz Kamaluddin Hussain  Capt. A.R.N. Hussain  15-Apr-58 VIII
85 Mohammad Mashkoor Ali Usmani  Mohammad Mansoor Ali Usmani  15-Apr-58 VIII
86 Munir Ahmed Sheikh  Bashir Ahmed Sheikh  15-Apr-58 VIII
90 Noor Ahmed  Abdul Sattar  15-Apr-58 VIII
124 Ayaz Imam  Imtiaz Ahmed  16-Apr-58 VIII
125 M.A. Majid Farooqi  M.A. Qayum Farooqi  16-Apr-58 VIII
126 Shafaat Ahmed Mahmud  Badruddin Ahmad  16-Apr-58 VIII
155 Shahid Akhtar  Mohammad Naqi  17-Apr-58 VIII
225 Khalid Bilal Osmany  A.I. Osmany  19-Apr-58 VIII
226 Khawaja Yusuf  Khawaja S.Y.  19-Apr-58 VIII
227 Javed Jabbar  Ahmed Abdul Jabbar  19-Apr-58 VIII
228 Javed Iqbal  Ahmed Hussain  19-Apr-58 VIII
229 Mohammad Oosman  Haji Mohammad  19-Apr-58 VIII
A-66  Mirza Kazim Ali  Mirza Mustafa Ali  19-Apr-58 VIII
256 Akhtar Saeed  Syed Jan  24-Apr-58 VIII
257 Idris Sharif  S. Mohammed Sharif  24-Apr-58 VIII
304 Miss Izzat Kazi  Cdr. M.K. Kazi  28-Apr-58 VIII
328 Ahmed Salim  Qazi Mohammad Gul  29-Apr-58 VIII
331 Akbar Majeed  Abdul Majeed Khan  29-Apr-58 VIII
332 Syed Suleman Nabi  Syed Ghulam Ahmedun Nabi  29-Apr-58 VIII
333 Tanvir Ahmed  Nazir Ahmed Khan  29-Apr-58 VIII
346 Mohammad Usman Ayub  Mohammad Ayub  1-May-58 VIII
349 Mohammad Suleiman Farooq  Mohammad Farooq  1-May-58 VIII
354 Abdul Qayum Khan  Aman Khan  5-May-58 VIII
360 Jamil Siddiqui  M. Siddiqui  5-May-58 VIII
384 Rashid-ud-Din  Dr. Jalaluddin  14-May-58 VIII
391 Ishfaqulbar Chaudhuri  S.B. Chaudhuri  19-May-58 VIII
392 Khawaja Azam Ali  Khawaja Mohammad Murtaza  21-May-58 VIII
393 Mumtaz Siddiq  M. Siddiq  21-May-58 VIII
483 Khawaja Fareeduddin  M.A. Quadeer  2-Jul-58 VIII
514 Shahzad Sultan  M. Sultan Ghani  10-Oct-58 VIII
515 Manzer Hussain Khan  Akhtar Hussain Khan  10-Nov-58 VIII
522 Abdullah Ahmed  Mohammed Ahmed  14-Nov-58 VIII
551 Mohammed Akhtar Khan  Abdur Raoof Khan  18-Nov-58 VIII
A-71  Ali Hyder  Safdar Rizvi  7-Jan-59 VIII
568 Miss Ara J. Arauroze  T.H. Limki  19-Jan-59 VIII
587 A  Syed Wasim Ahmad  Syed Quddus Ahmad  19-Jan-59 VIII
638 Altaf Ahmad Parvez  Siraj Ahmad  12-Mar-59 IX
673 Zaffar Ahmad Khan  Col. Muzaffar Khan  7-May-59 IX
841 Masood Pervaiz  Capt.K.A Samad Khan  13-Jul-59 IX
854 Ayaz Imam  Imtiaz Ahmed  18-Jul-59 IX
862 Seema H Khan  M.A Haleem Khan  23-Jul-59 IX
866 Hafeez H Qazi  H.B Kazi  24-Jul-59 IX
868 Saleem Mazhar  Mazharul Haq  25-Jul-59 IX
870 Hasan Riaz  Lt. Col Riazul Hasan  28-Jul-59 IX
872 Syed Tanveer Hussain  Syed Shabbir Hussain  3-Aug-59 IX
940 Hasan Ilyas Kaifi  Mohammad Ilyas Ali Khan  17-Nov-59 IX
A-97  Sylvia Lubna Hyder  M.Hyder  12-Jan-60 IX