January 29, 2011

An Evening of Joy & Merriment - PAT Reunion 2011


The Publican Alumni Trust organized the PAT Reunion 2011 which was attended by almost 400 participants. The Reunion was held on the grounds of F.G. Minwala Girls Public School, Karachi. A report by Zohair Ashir, Secretary, PAT is given below the thumbnails.


Photographs of the get together can be viewed by clicking the thumbnails below. These photographs are courtesy of the Publican Alumni Trust.



Report by Zohair Ashir, Secretary, PAT


As the evening of Saturday January 29, 2011 set upon the grounds of Minwala Public School, there was an air of high expectations and excitement, justifiably so as the Publican Alumni Trust was about to celebrate Reunion 2011 after a 2 year break. With fingers crossed and breath held due to the uncertain nature of our existence, and given the "Karachi situation", we all prayed and hoped for the best. And best it turned out to be that evening, thanks to the efforts of all Publicans and the Almighty.


They came in droves, they came in style, they came with beaming smiles, they came with fond memories and yes they all converged on the hallowed grounds which gave us so much of yesterday and much more of what we are today. Against the odds, the evening went without a major hitch or itch. Under the beautifully designed canopy with a grand entrance leading into the main pindaal, the stage tastefully decorated with the representation of the famed DOME acting as a backdrop, sprinkled cleverly with pictures of our illustrious Principal, endearing staff and students scattered around, the whole scene generated a warm fuzzy feeling of yesterday once more. Songs and music from the 60s played in the background and pictures of our youth blended with PAT events of recent times set the mood for an evening of gaiety and fun.


By 8.30pm the pindaal had begun to fill up. While at first we expected a crowd of 300, but such was the josh and jazba of the Publicans that we ended up with more than 400 people. In the crowd were mostly former students of both kinds, with the fair maidens looking their shining best and the men, mostly with protruding tummies trying their best to look dashing and in some cases succeeding to do so. All the classes were well represented from the first batch of 1961 to some representing the class of 1996 with a greatest presence of the classes from the 1960s, which could arguably be called the golden period for the school. In terms of numbers, perhaps the class of 1969 outshone others but in terms of presence and fondness, the class of 1961 shone just as much if not more.


It was joy to watch old friends, colleagues, rivals, first crushes greet each other with youthful exuberance and unfettered relish. The evening was made more memorable due to the presence of many of our teachers, among them Miss Musharraf and Mr. Raziuddin who it seemed were about to start their class if asked to do so.


The program commenced with a brief address by the Chairman and followed by presentations on PAT programs and fundraising activities, rounded off with energizing address by our Founder Chairman. The Gripps Theatre Group provided much needed humor and laughter for the evening with endless comments and wit about the current affairs be it the establishment, the faujis, the politicians, the Amreekuns or about the hapless state of the state of Pakistan. Their theatrics left us all wanting more, which was whetted by a call for dinner. Delicious array of sumptuous dishes were laid out in slightly windy but pleasant surroundings and all the guests filled their appetite it seemed to the fullest. But our fun and frolic for the evening was not done yet, as dinner was followed by a music program by our very own Salman Alvi, who further added to the charm and pleasure of the evening with singing some of his famous ghazals mixed with some furmaishy songs of yesteryears.

Since all good things must come to an end, thus did our melodious and joyful Reunion 2011, but on a happy and upbeat note. We hope that we will be able to bring similar scenes of happiness in the near future where all the Publicans come together for an evening and recreate Camelot even if for a few hours.