December 24, 2010

On Christmas Eve with Ms Val D' Eremao


On Friday, 24th December 2010, which was Christmas Eve, on behalf of all Publicans, Mrs Sabiha Pervaiz, Member, Board of Trustees, Mr Waseem Ghani, Trustee, and the under-signed visited our dear respected former Teacher, Ms Val D' Eremao from 4 pm to about 5pm at her residence which is in the St. Joseph's Home for the Aged, off Business Recorder Road, Karachi. Telephone : 32258243.

We found her in good spirits and good cheer. Though infirm and requiring support to walk or to use the wheel-chair, her eyes are as charming as ever and her voice has the familiar lilt and liveliness. Despite failing memory, she wanted to know why one had not seen her more frequently in recent months. Publican Waseem Ghani makes regular visits and is in almost weekly contact with her. His diligence is most commendable. Mrs Sabiha Pervaiz also makes a special effort to keep in touch with her. Amongst fellow Trustees who have generously supported costs for her upkeep at the Home are Hussain Jameel and Tahir Sadiq.

Sisters Magdalene, Maria and Juliette take responsibility for looking after Ms Val D' Eremao's needs on our behalf and on behalf of her relations, one of whom visits fairly regularly.

With the humble Christmas treats the 3 of us had taken for her and others at the Home, we greatly enjoyed a cup of tea and her company. We also met other residents and shared a few moments with them.

There was an apt statement pinned on one door which read : " When God is with us, who can be against us ? "

We left when Mass was to begin in the chapel. Ms Val D' Eremao warmly thanked Publicans for their good wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

May 2011 keep her in good health and may the new year also bring well-being for all Publicans and for Pakistan.

Javed Jabbar