December 14, 2010

Second Annual General Body Meeting of Publican Alumni Trust (PAT) Held


Note for the Record


The Second Annual General Body Meeting of Publican Alumni Trust (PAT) for the year July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010 was held on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at The Mess, Services Club, Karachi.


Minute # 25


Present Among Trustees and Members:

Admiral (Retd) Shahid Karimullah, Javed Jabbar, Zaffar A. Khan, Khawaja Fariduddin, Atiqur Rehman, Saeed Khalid, Tahir Sadiq, Shamim Riaz, Waseem Ghani, Sabiha Pervaiz, Nudrat Ara Alvi, Hussain Jamil, Zohair Ashir, Masroor Afridi, Tariq Bin Usman, Chaudhry Arshad Iqbal, Nighat Mir & Khalid Zaki.


Absent with Notification:

Ashraf Kapadia, Honey Kapadia & Shirley Vallika.


Invited Publicans & Potential New Members:

Azhar Sajid Khan , Mohammed Mobin Iqbal , Admiral (Retd) Azhar Hussain, Shahood Alam, Tariq Wajid, Tariq Yasin & Syed Tariq Zia Bokhari

  1. The AGM commenced promptly at 6.40 PM.


  2. The Chair of PAT, Admiral (Retd) Shahid Karimullah welcomed all those present, especially some of the new faces that took the time out to attend this event. He briefly highlighted the major achievements of PAT since its inception in 2008, especially commending the body on the number of events undertaken for a new and nascent organization as well as key steps implemented in terms of governance of the organization. He shared his vision for PAT which will focus on building up on what is already put in place and further strengthening the work of PAT . He emphasized the need for expansion of the membership base now that PAT had achieved significant degree of stability and organizational capability which was a deliberate and sound approach undertaken to date. He further added that he would also like to obtain a formal agreement with the Directorate of Education, Cantonment Board to ensure that the good work of PAT is secured and protected for the future. He acknowledged and thanked the excellent efforts of the Founding Chair of PAT, Mr. Javed Jabbar under whose tutelage the launch and establishment of PAT has been rendered, along with the other members of PAT and Trustees for whose support and advice he will look forward to receiving during his tenure. In particular, he acknowledged the support PAT has received to date from the School administration and the Directorate of Education.


  3. Thereafter, the Secretary of PAT, Zohair Ashir, presented a detailed report of the salient achievements and activities for the year 2009-2010, a copy of which is attached with this note.


  4. Mr. Tahir Sadiq, Treasurer, PAT presented the audited accounts of PAT for the year July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010. These accounts were audited by Hyder Bhimji and Co., Chartered Accountants.


  5. Then Mr. Javed Jabbar was requested to share his views and insights regarding the birth and progress of PAT since inception as he was the first Chair of PAT and only relinquished this honor due to his other pressing engagements in September 2010. He recounted with both passion and pleasure some of the major milestones that PAT accomplished and in particular cited that seldom do new entities, such as voluntary organizations like PAT kick start their work with so much enthusiasm and delivery of activities on multiple fronts. For this he acknowledged and efforts of all the members, Trustees and the School Administration. He offered to diligently continue to support PAT in its effort and made himself available for whatever assistance he will be called upon to undertake from time to time.


  6. A motion was made to formally approve the Audited accounts for the year 2009-2010. Khawaja Fariduddin moved the motion for approval which was seconded by Hussain Jamil thereby formally approving the accounts .


  7. This was followed by a Q & A session. During this session some useful suggestions and comments were made by those present. Among some of the key suggestions, included further improving the accounting and auditing function of PAT given the strict code of governance required under the law but there was some debate as to how stringently this applies to a Trust, such as PAT. There was request for holding more social events for PAT members which can held in the evenings and some other views regarding increasing the fund raising for PAT and the annual event were cited by the attendees.


  8. It was encouraging and heartwarming to note the good turnout for the AGM. Almost all the Trustees and Members were present, but, this event was noteworthy for the appearance of new faces; this included Azhar Sajid Khan, Mohammed Mobin Iqbal, Tariq Wajid, Tariq Yasin, Shahood Alam, Syed Tariq Zia Bokhari and R. Admiral Azhar Hussain. We hope all of them will become members of PAT and continue to participate in future events on a regular basis. The Membership form is also being uploaded to the Old Publicans website (click here to download). After printing and filling in the form, please return it to me along with a membership cross cheque which should be made out to "Publican Alumni Trust" and sent to Zohair Ashir, Secretary PAT, F/67/I/II, Ibn-e-Qasim Park Road, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi.


  9. The Chair than thanked everyone for attending the AGM and closed the formal session of the AGM and invited those present for tea .

* My apologies in advance if I have inadvertently left out or misspelled anyone's name from those present on the occasion.


With best wishes,


Zohair Ashir

Secretary, PAT

Class of 1968

Secretary Report on Salient Activities & Achievements of PAT During July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010.

  1. This covers the PAT activities undertaken during the fiscal year July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010 (suggest that Calendar of Events should be synchronized with fiscal year).


  2. Overall it was a difficult year for the country as well as PAT, and restricted some of our activities due to Security and Energy crisis in the country.


  3. During this period, we held at least 10 meetings of the BOT (estimate) under the Chairship of Mr. Javed Jabbar. Additional 2-3 special meetings held with reference to planning for the Annual Event 2009 (subsequently cancelled due to prevailing situation in the country).


  4. We held 10 events during the year:


    1. 3 DPLS were held in which Admiral (Retd) Shahid Karimullah, Zaffar A. Khan and Irfan Mustafa made interesting and insightful presentations and talk about their life experiences.


    2. The first PAT Scholarship award was announced and made in August 2009 in which 120 students (60 from each section) were given a monthly stipend of Rs 500 each. The students were selected for either their Academic and or Extra Curricular achievements or selected due to financial constraints. The total scholarship amount came to Rs. 720,000 for the year made possible by generous support and donation by Bank Al Falah.


    3. The first Declamation contest was held in September 2009 and clubbed together with donation of books to the school libraries (both Boys and Girls).


    4. The first Teacher's Capacity Building programme was undertaken in October 2009, conducted by Teacher's Resource Centre.


    5. The first Creative Writing contest was held in November 2009, participated enthusiastically by both Boys and Girls students of both the schools.


    6. Annual event scheduled to be held in December 2009 was often postponed and finally cancelled due to prevailing Security situation in the country.


    7. Second Teacher's Capacity Building program was held for the Junior school conducted by Lexicon group.


  5. PAT contracted with the Accounting firm of Grant Thornton to serve as External Auditors to PAT.


  6. We also established the Audit Committee ably led by Trustee Khalid Zaki, which since then has played their role admirably.


  7. New Secretary of PAT nominated in March 2010 (yours truly) to take over from Trustee Atiq ur Rehman who due to his pressing business engagements withdrew from this honor.


  8. We faced so difficulties with the School Administration and also were not successful as yet to sign an MOU with the Directorate of Education, the Cantonment Board. Our efforts in this regards continue both under the previous chair, Javed Jabbar and the current chair, Admiral (Retd) Shahid Karimullah.


  9. Some welfare activities in support of our beloved teacher Mrs. De Val were initiated with the support of some individual Trustees and considerable hard work of Publican Wasim Ghani who became our regular conduit and contact with the illustrious teacher.


  10. In May 2010, Admiral (Retd) Shahid Karimullah was inducted as Trustee of the Board. Prior to that he served as the Chair of the Advisory Council of PAT.


  11. Membership enrollment remained a challenge for us. There is an urgent realization on part of the Trust to expand this activity on fast track basis for which Mr. Khalid Saeed has been nominated as Convenor of the Membership Committee.


  12. The donations collected during this period came down to Rs. 1.2 mil compared to Rs. 1.4 mil and this activity requires more support from all of us.


  13. PAT would like to thank all its members for their support and in particular Publican Ashraf Kapadia who continues to provide valuable support and excellent source of communication and contact through his Website with the Publican community spread throughout the world.

Zohair Ashir

Secretary, PAT

Class of 1968