September 21, 2010

Award of Scholarships & Dialogue with Leaders of Tomorrow


An event was held to Award Scholarships sponsored by the Bank Alfalah for the year 2010-2011 on September 21, 2010. After the award of scholarships, a dialogue was held with the Leader of Tomorrow.


A report by Sabiha Parvaiz, Convener, Education Programme Committee is given after the Library Buttons below.


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Report by Sabiha Parvaiz, Convener, Education Programme Committee


Dear All,


Assalam o Alaikum!


I am pleased to forward the details about the event of Scholarship letters distributed on Tuesday 21st Sept 2010 at 10:30 am in the Auditorium of Minwalla Girls Cantt Public School Karachi. Before the start of the Programme all students were provided with refreshments.


The Programme started with recitition of verses from the Holy Quran by a school student.


Zohair Ashiar, Secretary PAT delivered the inaugural speech followed by address on Scholarships to the students by Sabiha Parvaiz, Convenor, Education Commitee PAT.


With the support of Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz,Cheif Executive of Bank AlFalah PAT managed to launch a three year Scholarshi[p programme from meritorius and needy stuudents of FG Minwalla girls public school and FG Boys public school Cantt.


Publican Alumni Trust has completed one year of Scholarship Programme successfully in which Rupeess 7,20,000 were given away to 120 students each student gettting Rs. 1500 quarterly. Chairman Advisory Committee and trustee Admiral (rtd) Shahi Karimullah and Khwaja Farid,Trustee and Convenor fund raising committee gave the Scholarship letters to 120 selected students,60 each from the Boys and the Girls' school.


The second portion of the programme was a question and answer session on career choices.


There were 6 experts comprising of Adm (rtd) Shahid Karimullah, Mr.Khalid Zaki, Mrs. Sabiha Parvaiz,Mr. Saeed Khalid,Mr.Shamim Riaz and Dr.Mansoor Afridi,sitting on the stage and answering questions put forward by the students.


It was very intetresting and enjoyable interaction with the students.


The function concluded by vote of thanks by Mr.Shamim Riaz. He thanked all the PAT members,Committee members,The principles of both schools,Teachers and the Students present there. The programme ended with tea served to all the honorable guests.



Sabiha Parvaiz.

Convenor, Education Committee. PAT.