July 28, 2010

Farooq Nadeem Siddiqi (Class of 1964) was on Air Blue flight


Dear Old Publicans,


It with deep regret that I have to inform you that Farooq Nadeem Siddiqi (Class of 1964) was on board the ill fated Air Blue flight which crashed earlier today in Islamabad. There were no survivors and we have lost a dear friend and a highly respected Publican.


Farooq Nadeem's son, Ali Faraz, can be contacted on +92-300-202.3856 or by email (muhammad.ali.faraz@gmail.com) for condolences.

With kind regards.
Administrator - Ashraf Kapadia (Class of 1969)
Old Publicans


I was very saddened to hear about the tragedy. May Allah bless all who were affected with Jannat al Firdous and give sabar to the families.

Syed Mubeen Ahmed (Class of 1969)


Very sad to here this tragic news. All Publicans are with their support to their families and friends.

Syed Moinuddin (Class of 1973)


It is not only a very bad news but a great tragedy for all of us. Thru this my heartfelt condolences to Muhammad Ali & family for the great tragic loss. Inna lillahe wa inna lahe rajeoun

Mirza Naseeruddin (Class of 1969)


Inna Lillah e Wa inna ilehe Ra'ajioon

Zulqarnain Jamil Aali (Raju) (Class of 1967)


Inna Lillah e Wa inna ilehe Ra'ajioon

Wajiha Zehra Mir (Class of 1998)


Deeply grieved and shocked to hear about the very sad demise of Farooq Nadeem.He was not only a sincere friend but also a business associate with more than 30 years of our association. May Allah bless his soul and grant courage to his family to bear this extremely painful loss. Ameen.

Pervez Saeed Khan (Class of 1966)


May Allah grant him a place in Heaven. Ameen. He was among the very active members of the class of '64 and was a centre of communication between the classmates who reestablished our contact. We will always remember him fondly.

Sohail Hameed Khan (Class of 1964)


Our duaa, may Allah have high place of Jannah for Farooq, Aamin. It is tragic loss.

Noorul Haq Siddiqui (Class of 1969)


My deepest regrets on the passing away of such a fine person, whom I knew almost all of my life. His sudden death was shocking. May Allah give his family strength in this troubled time.


Among the good memories is the time in November of 1978 when I arrived from Montreal, Canada. He provided me with his Sharwani for the occasion of my Nikah in Karachi. May God Bless His Soul. Ameen

Anis Zuberi (Class of 1966)


I was in the same class as him, I started E-mailing, a few of my class old friends and one of them was he. My family was looking foreword to meet with his on our visit to Pakistan. His family will be in my families prayers. May Allah grant him Paradise and sabar to his family.

Gul-e-Rana Ghori (Class of 1962)


Please convey my condolences to Ali and his family. May God rest his father's soul in peace. Ameen

Mazeena Rafi (Class of 1969)


Inna Lillahe Wa Inna Illehe Rajeoon

Syed Amir Haider (Class of 1974)


Indeed very sad news. I pray for Farooq and his family.

Muhammad Tahir Sadiq (Class of 1972)


It's hard to believe, what I am reading. After almost 32 years I met him for the first time, about six months ago. No words to express my sentiments. We can now only pray for him.

Hamida Arif Chara (Class of 1964)


Very sad news indeed, but thanks for keeping us informed. Our Doa for the departed soul and the bereaved family. Please inform us of the family's contact details, if appropriate, so that we may send our individual condolences.

Nafis Ahmed (Class of 1969)


On behalf of the Publican Alumni Trust, and on behalf of all fellow Publicans and from my own family and myself, I write to convey our deep shock and sadness at the tragic loss of your beloved father Publican Farooq Nadeem Siddiqi sahib in the unfortunate air crash on 28th July 2010 in Islamabad.


Your father was a widely respected individual held in high regard and inspiring affection and friendship amongst all those who knew him, from the days of school and through his life in later years.


Please accept our sincere and heart-felt condolences at this terrible bereavement suffered by you and by your family. May Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace and give strength to you and to all members of your family to bear this irreparable loss with fortitude. Ameen.


As I am presently overseas and will return to Karachi on 6th August, will call on you personally soonest thereafter, at your convenience.

Javed Jabbar, Chairman PAT (Class of 1961)


I was deeply sadden to hear of the tragedy that has befallen you and your family. To HIM we belong and to HIM we have to return. May Allah grant Farooq eternal peace and the strength to you and your family to bear the loss. Amen

Ahmed Salim Gul (Class of 1961)


May Allah SWT grant Farooq Nadeem sahib a place in Jannat and give his family the strength to bear the tragic loss. I understand from another Publican, Rashid Yousuf of Texas, that Nadeem sahib was an NEDian also. We must have crossed paths while I was there (couple of years junior to him). Our prayers are with the family in this hour of need.

Qamar Adil Owais Kazmi (Class of 1969)


I am extremely sorry to hear our publican fellow perished in this crash. I extend my heart felt condolence to the family of our old publican. May Allah bless his soul

Haider Yar Khan (Class of 1969)


I am very sorry to hear about the sad demise of our fellow Publican Farooq Nadeem Siddiqi. Inna Lillahe Wa Inna Illehe Rajeoon. May Allah (SWT) have mercy on his soul and grant him a best place in Jannat-ul-Firdos and Sabar to his entire family. Kindly convey my condolences to rest of the family members.

Syed Tariq Zia Bokhari (Class of 1972)


Inna lil lahe wa inna illayhe ra ja oon. Saddened to learn of the untimely death of a fellow Publican - pls convey my heartfelt condolences to the family.

Afzal Rahman (Class of 1962)


Innalillah e Wainnahilay e Rajaioon. May almighty Allah rest his soul in internal peace and grant fortitude to the bereaved family members to bear this irreparable loss with patience. 'Ameen.

Tariq Azhar Siddiqi (Class of 1973)


Farooq was a very dear cousin and an extremely good friend of mine. His sudden death has been a great loss not only to his immediate family but to each and every person who had known him. He was a very loving and a giving person. He always remained calm and never showed any signs of annoyance towards any one.


He was a man whose good deeds were not known to many. For example, paying full monthly salaries to the widows of the workers of his company. Moreover, supporting some deserving NED University students for continuing their studies. There might be many more such things he would be doing which many of us are unaware of.


Farooq Bhai each and every person in our family will miss you. We all loved you very much. May Allah grant you jannah. Ameen.

Saleem Siddiqui (Class of 1966)


I note with deep regret and sorrow the demise of Farooq Nadeem in the Air Blue 202 crash along with several other innocent victims of the ill-fated aircraft. May God Almighty bless them all to eternal peace in heaven (ameen) and give strength to the families of the deceased to bear their losses with courage.

Yours in sorrow,

Muhammad Javed Ahmad Pai (Class of 1963)


Please accept my condolences. There is nothing more devastating than losing your parent. May Allah bless your fathers soul and give you the strength to bear this loss. Regards

Syed Mohammad Arshad (Class of 1969)