April 10, 2010

Report to Bank Al Falah on the PAT scholarship programme


Through the generous co-operation of Bank Al Falah under the able leadership of its Chief Executive, Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz, the Publican Alumni Trust was able to launch a 3-year scholarship programme for deserving and dis-advantaged students in the FG Minwalla Girls' Public School and FG Boys' Public School, Karachi Cantonment commencing August 2009.


For this purpose, and for the first year of the 3-year programme, Bank Al Falah provided an amount of Rs 720,000/- to PAT on 28.10.2009.


In consultation with the Administrator of the Schools, the 2 Principals and senior staff, Trustees of PAT formulated a process by which the scholarships would be awarded on the following basis:


    a. Merit in studies

    b. Economic need

    c. Merit in extra-curricular performance


To ensure that the amount received was used for the benefit of the students, a procedure was enforced by which one or both parents of each student would personally receive the amount in cash.


Initially, the amounts were disbursed with retrospective effect, from 1st August 2009 on a month-to-month basis.


Subsequently, for the sake of convenience of all concerned, the amounts are being disbursed in advance for a 3-month period. As of 20th March 2010, an amount of Rs 480,000/- has been disbursed to 60 girl students and 60 boy students for 8 months.


The names of the 120 students are being provided in hard copy accompanied by signatures of their parents confirming receipt of the amounts. To illustrate the profiles of the students and the value that these scholarships are providing to them and to their families, each Principal was requested to provide a brief note on 5 or 6 recepients.


These student profiles are enclosed. Whether the head of family is a clerk or a tailor, a Qari or a taxi-driver, a fruit-seller or a shop-keeper, it becomes abundantly clear that Bank Al Falah's care and commitment for the deserving and the dis-advantaged are making a vital difference in the lives of 120 families.


PAT thanks Bank Al Falah for this valued support.


Khawaja Fariduddin, Convenor of the PAT Fund Mobilization Committee took the initiative of contacting Bank Al Falah Ltd. for this support. On behalf of PAT, Shirley Hyder Valika, Nighat Mir, Khawaja Fariduddin and the under-signed called on Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz to brief him in person on the programme. Zohair Ashir, Convenor, Education Programme Committee and members, Ms. Sabiha Pervez, Saeed Khalid, as well as Shamim Riaz, Convenor, Event Management Committee and members Nudrat Alvi, Dr. Masroor Afridi helped facilitate disbursements of scholarships with the co-operation of Treasurer Tahir Sadiq and office secretary Rizwan Ayub.


Information on the continued implementation of the scholarship programme for each of the 2 remaining yers will be provided on a regular basis.


Javed Jabbar




Enclosed: as below


Brief profiles of 11 recepients of scholarships of Rs 500/- per month for 12 months (2009-2010) amongst 120 such recipients in F.G. Boys' Public School and F.G. Minwalla Girls' Public School, Karachi Cantonment. Scholarships are funded by Bank Al Falah at the request of the Publican Alumni Trust.


F.G. Boys' Public School

F.G. Minwala Girls' Public School

1. Student's Name Syed Ali Murad Sherazi, Class X-A 1. Student's Name Warda Jawed
  Father's Name

Syed Raiz Hussain Sherazi, Advocate, Sindh High Court

  Father's Name M. Jawed Lodhi
  Profile Syed Ali Murad is the most intelligent and talented student of this school. In fact he is the pride of this institution. His parents are quite happy and thinks this scholarship is a great honour for their son. It shows that his abilities are acknowledged. The boy himself is quite sober and serious. He never shows his feelings but when he got this scholarship his face brightened with sheer happiness. Syed Ali Murad says that after getting this award "I want to devote my self completely towards my studies and this incentive has inspired me to work more efficiently and I hope this award will increase my abilities and InshahAllah in future I can prove my capabilities."   Profile Studying in class VIII-A. She has 5 family members. Two younger sisters are studying in Classes iv and vi. She has always been amongst the top ten students of the class.
2. Student's Name M. Waqar Hussain, Class X-B 2. Student's Name Noor-ul-Ain
  Father's Name Tasaduq Hussain, Upper Division Clerk (UDC) in Military Engineering Services   Father's Name M. Daood Khan
  Profile This student is quite intelligent and takes a keen interest in his studies. His parents are very happy that their son was awarded the scholarship. M.Waqar himself says "It is a great honor for me that I am getting this scholarship".   Profile Student of class VIII-A.. Her father is a civilian working as a compounder. His monthly income is Rs 12,000/-. Noor has a family of 6 persons. She has two sisters and a brother .All of them are studying in school. She always secured position amongst the top ten.
3. Student's Name Sheikh Hasan Ur Rehman, Class X-B 3. Student's Name Shaista Azam
  Father's Name Sheikh Fazal-e-Rehman, Accountant (Private Sector)   Father's Name Ghulam Azam
  Profile After getting this scholarship the boy and his parents are very happy. They think it is a great honor for them. The child himself says. "This scholarship encourages me to start taking even greater interest in my studies. This scholarship provides me real encouragement, happiness and pride".   Profile Student of IX-A. Her father is a "Qari" by profession. His monthly income is Rs 10,000/-. There are seven members in the family including two brothers and two sisters. Four children are studying in different classes. Shaista is an outstanding student. She got first position throughout in school. She was the top scorer of the school in class viii. She is also scholarship holder of session 2009-10 .(Directorate level). She is the winner of the table tennis competition (Regional sports 2009).
4. Student's Name Zain-ul-Abideen, Class VIII-D 4. Student's Name Faiza Ikhlas
  Father's Name Muhammad Shabbir, Tailor   Father's Name Late Ikhlas Ahmed
  Profile Zain- Ul-Abideen is a very good student. His father works in a tailor shop as a cutter-master. Zain is a needy student. On getting the scholarship he and his parents are very happy .The boy said that this amount helps him in very difficult times.   Profile Father was a small shopkeeper. Monthly income is about Rs 5000/-.There are six members in the family .Two elder sisters are married. While two younger brothers are studying in school. Faiza always stood first from class 1 to class v111. She secured A grade in middle standard scholarship examination.
5. Student's Name

Wasim Khan, Class VIII-D

5. Student's Name Soha Yasmeen
  Father's Name

Khaisteli Shah, Taxi Driver

  Father's Name Abdul Samad

His parents offer thanks and pray for the well-being of Bank Al Falah and PAT. The child says: "From this money I pay my fees and purchase stationery articles for me and my brother too".


  Profile Student of class VI A. Her father is a security guard with monthly income of about Rs 7500/-. Family members are ten. Two sisters are married. Soha got first position from class I to IV.
      6. Student's Name Zainab Ghaffar
        Father's Name Abdul Ghaffar
        Profile Student of VI-D. Her father is a fruit- seller and there are ten members in the family.Two elder brothers are married. Two younger brothers are studying in a madrassa.