December 22, 2009

Anwar Mansoor Khan (Class of 1967) appointed Attorney General of Pakistan


The Ministry of Law, Government of Pakistan has announced that Anwar Mansoor Khan has been appointed as the new Attorney General of Pakistan. Publican Anwar is from the Class of 1967.


Anwar Mansoor Khan Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan, a retired judge of the High Court, has been associated in the drafting of the Companies Ordinance 1984, the establishment of the Islamic Banking Systems in Pakistan, in drawing up various documentation of the Banking System, the establishment of Lease financing in Pakistan, drafting of the Recovery Laws for Banks. He has delivered series of lectures on Banking Systems, Corporate matters, Leasing Laws, Taxation Laws, matters relating to Mercantile Laws and other allied subject. Whilst a judge of the High Court of Sindh, he has delivered numerous judgments on banking practice in Pakistan, Company Law, Trade Marks, Patents and designs, Specific Relief, Rent matters and other subjects of Civil Law. He has been involved in international negotiation and drawing of various agreements in consequence thereof. He has advised on takeovers, acquisitions and buyouts of various companies and has and continues to conduct various merger proceedings.


Letter from Anwar Mansoor Khan


Dear Javed Jabbar Sahib,


Thank you for felicitating me on my assumption of the office of the Attorney General for Pakistan. This no doubt is a very onerous office but carries with it immense responsibilities. In the present days it is even more difficult. You would recall that after having served as the Advocate General of Sindh for 5 years, I resigned only on the point of principle, that the Chief Justice of Pakistan cannot be removed otherwise than by due process of law. I hope and pray that I am able to give my best to this Country, which country has given me what I am now. The country comes first, and it is this responsibility to my country that I accepted this position. I request all to pray for me.


Justice Sarmad Usmani Chief Justice High Court of Sindh is a great person. I have three relationships with him. The first that he is also a Publican, the second that he was from the Pakistan Army, though senior to me, we were together in the Pakistan Military Academy and the third, that we practiced in the Sindh High Court as lawyers.


I shall be honored to be address the students of the school especially if it can help motivate and inspire the younger generation.


I thank you very much again.


Anwar Mansoor Khan


Email from Javed Jabbar


Mr. Anwar Mansoor Khan
Government of Pakistan


Subject: Felicitations on behalf of all Publicans


Dear Anwar Mansoor Khan sahib,




On behalf of all Publicans who I am sure join me in this message, and on behalf of the Publican Alumni Trust, I write to belatedly but sincerely convey warm felicitations on your recent assumption of the onerous responsibility of the Attorney-General of Pakistan.


The delay in addressing this message was unavoidable, and is regretted.


Your assumption of this responsibility reflects the exceptional professional capability and integrity that you have demonstrated in your distinguished career as a Senior Advocate in the Sindh High Court, and as a Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.


The fact that you are also an esteemed Publican adds a special dimension of pride for all of us who share with you the heritage of a great school. The fact that the present Chief Justice of the Sindh High Court is also a Publican gives our alma mater a possibly unique distinction of nurturing 2 exceptional personalities in the legal sector.


You have taken charge at a crucial time in our country's legal and Constitutional processes. We are confident that you will meet the challenges of this office with complete success and will, InshaAllah, continue to enjoy good health and well-being.


At a convenient time in the near future, we hope that you are able to address students of the 2 main successor schools to help motivate and inspire the younger generation to reach the high level of public office and public service that you have achieved.


With best wishes,

Javed Jabbar