December 17, 2009

Class of 1964 has a Reunion


The Class of 1964 (Section B only), arranged a Reunion on December 17, 2009 at the house of Farooq Nadeem in Karachi. The Reunion was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants.


Pictures of the event as well as a detailed description of the event by Masood Alam are posted below. These photographs are courtesy of Masood Alam. Please click on the thumbnail to view the full picture.



Report by Masood Alam


The Publican Alumni Trust had planned to hold the 2009 Annual Reunion on December 12, 2009. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances it had to be postponed. Like all other Old Publicans, the Class of 1964 was also very disappointed. So Farooq Nadeem from our class took the initiative and made a plan to arrange a Get-Together of the Class of 1964 (Section B) at his house.


The Class of 1964 (Section B) had its Reunion on the evening of December 17, 2009. Those who attended the Reunion were Farooq Nadeem, Hamida Mohatram, Maryam Madni, Surriya Zaidi, Arif Alvi, Ashfaq Farooqui, Kaleem Azhar, Khaleel Ahmed, Niaz Wali Mughni, Qadeer Khan, Tariq Qureshi, Hassan Madni, and Masood Alam. Shakeel Hashmi and Shamimul Haq had some prior commitments and missed the event. It was a very nice gathering of 13 old class fellows.


All the Publicans were very excited, and every one was coming out with stories of those golden days. All the good things we did as well as all the follies that we committed, everthing was remembered. There was a lot of discussion about all the teachers, our good old Principal Mr. M.E. Hyder and also about students of other classes. We also talked about our website and the wealth of information that it has. Every one narrated their success stories after leaving school. Telephone numbers, and addresses were exchanged.


A very lavish tea was laid out, by Nadeem Farooq. However, the guest were so busy telling their tales that they did not move for towards the tea until reminded several times by Nadeem Farooq's son.


Quite a few of us had met before but the highlight of this get together was that Hamida Mohatrum who lives in UAE had come to Pakistan on a short visit, and Hassan Madni who was in Sri Lanka had also come to Pakistan. Maryum Madni also joined us for the first time.

In the end everyone agreed that we should have get together on regular basis. The Class of 1964 has already had 3 Get-Togethers previously.


Tariq Qureshi took a lot of pictures and some of them are being posted on the website for all to see.


In the end, I will once again thank Ashraf Kapadia for maintaining the Old Publicans website which has enabled us to reunite and remember our good old school and the golden era.


Lt. Col. (Retd.) Masood Alam - Class of 1964