July 30, 2009

Meeting in Dubai of Publicans in UAE


Dear fellow Publicans,


Assalam-o-alaikum & greetings.


1. As per plans circulated earlier, the undersigned had invited Publicans resident in the UAE to a meeting on Thursday, 30th July 2009 at 6:15 p.m. at the Knowledge Village Conference Centre auditorium-1, Dubai.


2. Khawaja Fariduddin was also coincidentally visiting Dubai from Karachi at that time.


3. Those present at this first-ever meeting with/of Publicans in UAE were:

i. Javed Ahmad Pai - Class of 1962
ii. Humayun Khalil - Class of 1969
iii. Intisar Alvi - Class of 1971
iv. Syed Moinuddin - Class of 1973
v. Khawaja Fariduddin - Class of 1961
vi. Javed Jabbar - Class of 1961
vii. Farooq Ashraf - Guest.


4. Three Publicans who had earlier confirmed participation were absent due to other last-minute obligations.


5. After thanking Publicans resident in Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain, Sharjah, and Ajman for specially travelling to Dubai for the meeting, a briefing was given to them on the work to-date of PAT , and plans for the future.


6. It was pointed out that PAT Rules allow for affiliation with any overseas (group of) Publicans who wish to organize formally or informally.


7. Publicans resident in UAE agreed that, for the time being, it is preferable to remain an informal group which nevertheless could be in regular contact with PAT.


8. All were invited to support the Educational Excellence programme of PAT, including if possible, sponsorships of scholarships.


9. All were urged to participate in the annual re-union set for Saturday, 12th December 2009.


10. Publicans attending the meeting purchased 13 copies of the brochure on cash payment. US$ 53 was collected on the spot for contribution to the PAT fund which has since then been handed over to the Treasurer, PAT.


11. Some brochures were retained in UAE for sale to other Publicans.


12. All Publicans then viewed the special screening of the film "Ramchand Pakistani" which was attended by about 450 invitees of The Scene Club in an auditorium with only 350 seats. The rest willingly sat on the floor. The audience was predominantly European, American, Arab, African and included some South Asians. The film, which was warmly applauded and followed by a lively Q&A, showed in a humble way that Publicans (such as co-investors Publicans Masood Haider, Irfan Mustafa and the under-signed) can make a modest yet notable contribution to projecting the creative dimension of the Pakistani people : the film has so far won 5 international honours.


13. Let us hope other Publicans in overseas counties, e.g. UK and elsewhere also emulate the Publican Alumni of North America (PANA) and Publicans in UAE to establish informal or formal chapters.


14. The next PAT event takes place on 20th August 2009 in Karachi. Details are on the website.


Thank you for your attention.


Look forward to your continued participation.


With best wishes,

Javed Jabbar