April 13, 2009

PAT Educational Initiatives Programme Launched


The Publican Alumni Trust (PAT) Educational Initiatives Programme was launched at a ceremony held at the F.G. Minwala Girls School on April 13, 2009.  About 80 people participated in the event.


Pictures of the event as well as a report on the proceedings by Javed Jabbar are posted below.  To view these pictures, click on one of the Library Buttons below.



Report by Javed Jabbar


Dear fellow Publicans,
 The Educational Support Programme of the Publican Alumni Trust, as you have already heard, was launched at a special ceremony at 1 p.m. on Monday 13th April 2009 in the auditorium pf the F.G. Minwalla Girls' Public School, Karachi Cantonment.
 Brief details which you have not previously received, follow.
 1. About 80 persons attended, 10 more than anticipated !
 2. They comprised Brigadier M. Asif, head of the Directorate at GHQ in Rawalpindi that administers the network of schools in Cantonment areas, who travelled specially to Karachi for the event. He gave a most informative address and rounded it off by announcing a contribution of Rs100,000 to PAT. Later, he phoned to say that he is also authorizing immediate renovation of the auditorium and the boys' canteen at a cost of about Rs.800,000 and that this should be seen as a joint initiative by PAT and the Directorate. I have already sent him a letter of thanks. His colleague in Karachi, Lt. Colonel Tariq Mehmood was also there, in a smart Army uniform.
 3. The 2 Principals, senior staff, the 21 teachers participating in the 8-day Teachers' Capacity-building Workshop , over 30 girl and boy students from both schools and about 20 Publicans completed the gathering.
 4. The place was pleasant and breezy, despite a hot afternoon outside, no electricity ( but with a small generator we had rented ) and no special frills. Neat, adequate seating and simple, tasteful catering by La Roche was arranged by Khawaja Fariduddin. Lunch was served at about 1.25 p.m.
 5. Atiq Rahman conducted the proceedings with competence. After soul-stirring tilawat by a school boy, yours truly introduced the background of PAT for the benefit of the students and advised them to spend the next 50 years building a somewhat more cohesive Pakistan than the one that got built, and unbuilt, in the previous 50 to 60 years.
 6. Zohair Ashir outlined the Educational Support Programme of PAT with precise as well as approximate dates up to end December 2009, and referred also to the intent to concretise a long-term programme for the next few years.
 7. Mrs Rubina Naqvi of the Teachers' Resource Centre provided the background to the Centre, the 30,000 teachers it has helped so far and the content and process of the Workshop of the next 2 weeks.
 8. The 2 Principals, Mrs M. Aslam and Mrs. R. Jalil conveyed details about their respective schools, expressed their thanks to PAT and to the Directorate. The F.G. Minwalla Girls' School is ranked as one of the best schools in the country's Cantt. network of over 300 schools.
 9. Each Publican present, including Trustees, was acknowledged by name and applauded.
 10. Admiral (r) Shahid Karimullah gave the concluding remarks, stressed the enduring value of education and the vast potential each student had for outstanding achievement and appreciated the high quality of TRC capacity building work. The proceedings were recorded for posterity on video tape and in still pictures.
 11. Soon after the conclusion of the ceremony at about 3:00 p.m , the Workshop for teachers commenced.
 12. Participation in the Workshop itself by the teachers and by both Principals and senior staff is most enthusiastic and attentive. I have briefly observed proceedings on 15th April and 16th April and found that Mrs Naqvi is an able and amiable Workshop director who keeps attendees fully involved and responsive. They are even being given homework !
 13. Mrs Mazhar , former Principal of the F.G. Minwalla Girls, School also attended and was warmly welcomed.
 14. The Workshop concludes at 4 pm on Thursday 23rd April 2009 at the F.G. Minwalla Girls' Public School at which time each Trustee and the Chairman and members of the Advisory Council are requested to be present to hand over Certificates of Participation to each of the 21 teachers.
 Note the dates and activities of the total Programme available on the web-site. Try to be part of them !
 Thank you for your attention and your participation in PAT.
 With best wishes
 Javed Jabbar