September 12, 2008
Anwer Yasin - Our Friend Is No Longer Among Us

Dear Friends,


With utmost regret and profound grief, I have to inform you that our friend and Old Publican, Anwer Yasin (Class of 1969) suddenly passed away on Friday night.


Namaz-e-Janaza will be held at Sultan Masjid, DHA, Karachi at Zohar on Saturday, September 13.


Anwer's house is located on 18th Street, Off Khayaban-e-Mujahid, DHA.


With a heavy heart.

Ashraf Kapadia

Class of 1969

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Anwer Yasin is no longer among us, and I have lost a brother ...... I have no words to express my feelings.

Ashraf Kapadia (Class of 1969)


It was a shock for me when I read the e-mail of sad & sudden demise of Amwer Yasin.May almighty Allah rest his soul in eternal peace and give courage to his family to bear this irrepairable loss(Aameen).

Tariq Bin Usman Siddiqui (Class of 1969)


Anwar Yasin, what a sharp witted man, what a guy.
- We met, as most other Old Publicans did,after a period of almost 35 years in 2004 t Ahad Alvi's house who somehow found me.
- It was rather looking at YoungOld men wise cracking and (mis)behaving exactly the same way as if it was 1969.
- You never wanted to get caught in between Anwar and Khalid Basharat verbal match, then and now.
- Inna liilahe wa inna lahe rajeoun.
Mirza Naseeruddin (Class of 1969)


My heartfelt condolences to the immediate family on their devastationg loss.

Nighat Mir (Class of 1966)


My family joins me in praying for Anwer, May Allah Grant him Maghfirat and patience to his family. Aameen.

Pervaiz Ali Khan (Class of 1967)


Innalillahe wa inna ilehe rajeoon. May Allah SWT grant him a place in JannatulFirdous and grant all his family sabr to bear this great and sudden loss. I met him in the 2005 get together after so many years.

Adil Owais (Class of 1969)


I am really very sad to hear about the sudden demise of Anwar Yasin. May Allah rest his soul in peace and give his family strength and patience to bear this loss.(Ameen).
Mazeena Rafi (Class of 1969)


Its so sad to hear that Anwer Yasin is not with us. I've known Anwer Yasin since 1967 and he was in my class, section C, and we graduated the same year. I really can not believe that he is gone. Please pass condolences on behalf of my family and I to his family. May Allah rest his soul in peace and give him the highest place in heaven. Let his family bear this loss. Our prayers are with them. Ameen.
Raziuddin Khan (Class of 1969)


Indeed is is a great shock, may Allah grant Anwer the best of Jannah and saber to his family.

Noorul Haq (Class of 1969)


I am deeply shocked to hear the sad news of Anwar Bhai. He was senior to me. I am class mate of his younger Tariq Yasin, but we traveled in the same School Bus. As his younger brother is very close to me, Anwar always treated me like his younger brother. May Allah give his family the courage to bear this irreparable loss. My earnest request to all Publicans to pray two rakats namaz nafil for maghfirat of Anwar Bhai.
M. Fahim Siddiqui (Class of 1971)


Accept deep regrets. May Allah grant the departed soul peace and eternity, family of departed courage to bear irreparable loss which time will do.
Abdus Samad Alvi (Class of 1973)


Thank you for the email. Unfortunately I opened my mail only today so missed Sunday Soyem info. Though I didnt know him, I would appreciate if you could kindly forward my sincere condolences to his bereaved family members. Thank you.
Shirley (Hyder) Valika (Class of 1961)


In Anwer Yasin we have truly lost an outstanding Publican. At his Namaz-e- Janaza on 13th September , after saying our prayers for him , listening to some of his fellow Publicans and to his close colleagues in the cotton sector, it was clear that he possessed exceptional abilities as an entrepreneur , as a charming friend and as a loving family man. His compassion and generosity for the poor were specially remembered. May his soul rest in eternal peace .

Javed Jabbar (Class of 1961)


My Brother Anwer Yasin was a kind hearted person and has devoted all his life for mankind, he was very caring for all specially to his mother. May Almighty Allah rest his departed soul in eternal peace and give courage to us to bear this untimely loss.

Tariq Yasin (Class of 1971)


Innalilllahi Wainna Ilaihe Rajeoon. May Allah forgive him and grants him a place in Jannah (Aameen)
Mohammed Naveed (Class of 1979)


This comes as a great shock to me, Anwer Yasin had always been a polite and kind-hearted person whenever i came across him. I hope Allah SWT grants him eternal peace and a place in Jannat-ul-Firdous. Ameen.
Nighat (Dulari) Kanwar (Class of 1975)